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Spirit means 'to love'.

As Spirit, as love, we attune ourselves to love and allow ourselves to be more love.

As Spirit, as love, it's not all about me, it's about let us.  It's about considering how our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions affect the whole of life and not just our little universe.

"I have a body, but I am not my body.  I have a mind, but I am not my mind.  I have emotions, but I am not my emotions."

My body is a loan to me, and I am very grateful to have a body that allows me to enjoy what life has to offer: the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, the love of family and friends, the nurturance of delicious food, pure water and so on.

We are so much more than our bodies. It's easy to forget and focus on how looks on the outside when what's important is who we are on the inside.

Affirming that I am Spirit having a human experience helps us to keep us focused upon, aligned and attuned to love.

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‘I choose to love and love I will’ reminds us to be powerfully loving.

It reminds us to be self-determining.

When we choose to be loving with upcast eyes and irrepressible enthusiasm, we protect ourselves from the negativity around us.

It reminds us of the quote (author not verified):

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for men and women of good will to do nothing."

‘I choose to love and love I will’ reminds us to be the change I want to see in the world with love; to do what needs to be done with courage and love.

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Gratitude is the basis for a joy filled life.  Without gratitude, our colorful world feels drab and grey.

Gratitude lifts us up and fills our hearts with joy. When we have a grateful heart, the world looks brighter, and everything seems possible.

Appreciation is gratitude's first cousin.

There is so much to appreciate. We have a roof over our heads, clothes to wear, pure water to drink and good food to eat. We have leisure time to pursue our hobbies, spend time with family and friends, travel and relax. How blessed are we?

Humility brings balance and equanimity into our lives. We see how far we have come and how far we have to go with acceptance of “This is who I am and this is where I am now”.

When we are in gratitude, appreciation and humility we open our hearts to the abundance and benevolence of the universe.  Life looks and feels different, more vibrant, wondrous, and alive. No matter what is happening in the world, at work, in our community or in the lives of those close to us, we can hold a strong presence of love.

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Choosing clarity and understanding helps us to drop judgment.

Judgment is what keeps us stuck and going around in circles.  Opinions are judgments and are declarations about how we see the world.

Sometimes we have been viewing a situation, a person or group of people one way for so long, we don't even realize that we are in judgment. 

Judgment is a form of fear. It's that uneasy feeling or knot in the pit of our stomach. It's that aching anxiety pulls us into a downward spiral. 

Judgment clouds our thinking and closes our hearts.  It's about I am right and you are wrong, I am good and you are bad, I know what's best and you do not.

Dropping judgment is a choice. It's like holding a penny in our hand and choosing to let it fall to the ground.

When we choose to drop judgment, we free ourselves to experience more love. It's about trusting in the benevolence of the universe and letting go of the old.

Clarity and understanding open us to seeing that person, group or situation is a new light, without dragging around the past and without hanging onto the way it's always been. 

Clarity and understanding open us up to new possibilities within ourselves.  We don't have to think as we have previously thought.  We don't have to act as we have previously done.  We don't have to feel as we have previously felt.

That's liberating.


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