Jewel Consultancy

Helping you compassionately and wholeheartedly lead yourself by getting clear on what you really want and need, and creating the change you desire one step at a time.

Meet Arlene

My passion is to help you create the life that you desire.


To help you work deeply to the heart of your projects, dreams and goals and find solutions that work for you.

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Soul Readings

Soul Readings offer you a rich, healing journey into a bigger perspective of what really matters.

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Great leaders throughout time have partnered with mentors; growing and evolving more rapidly because of their wisdom, training and skills. Mentoring helps you to acknowledge and face what's stopping you from creating the life you desire.

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Discovery Session

Our Discovery Session is your time to share what's going on for you, the obstacles and challenges you are facing, what you've tried that's worked and what hasn't, how you are feeling now and where you would like to be by the end of our time together.

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What next?

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Click the link below to book your Discovery Session. In addition, the following packages are available:
  • Individual Coaching Package (8 sessions)
  • Individual Mentoring Package (6 sessions)
  • Group Coaching Package (6 sessions)

Plus a wrap up session after your package is concluded.