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One-on-one Mentoring is about gifting yourself with the self-care, nurturance and support that you need to be and do your best. Great leaders throughout time have partnered with mentors; growing and evolving more rapidly because of their wisdom, training and skills.


What is Mentoring?

Transformational Healing & Heart Alchemy

Mentoring is about me sharing my wisdom with you so that can evolve and grow with more grace, ease, and flow, so that you can take the anxiety and stress in your life and transform it into love, so that you can let go of what’s not serving you and experience more love. 

As your mentor, I am a few steps ahead of you in terms of transformational healing and heart alchemy; and it’s an honor and joy to assist you to stand on my shoulders and step into a more accelerated path of personal and spiritual development and growth.

Mentoring is about me working with you and demonstrating for you on a feeling basis how to align to love, center in your heart and be fully present here now.  It’s about me partnering with you to love and accept yourself as you are, all the bright and shiny bits and the bits that could use some polishing, the bits that could be raised in vibration to unconditional love.

Mentoring is a journey more deeply into your own heart’s knowing, a journey which I am grateful to share with you, a journey that is ever unfolding to be more of your highest, clearest, brightest potential - the Jewel within.  Mentoring is the rocket ship to Love.

It would be my privilege to be that Mentor for you - to champion you and support your evolution. Mentoring is an amazing gift that you can give to yourself - the road ahead is brighter when you have the support you've been looking for, the guidance and direction that feels like coming home.

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