Coaching From The Heart

Individual & Group/Team Sessions

My passion is to help you create the life that you desire, individually or as a team or group.

To help you work deeply to the heart of your projects, dreams and goals and find solutions that work for you. 

To help you find the tools and resources you need to support your ongoing personal development and professional growth; to let go of what’s not working for you and experience more contentment and joy.


Tools, Practices & Gems of Wisdom

Through my years of study, practice and service, I have found that there are tools, day-to-day practices and gems of wisdom that consistently produce really big change, no matter where or in what capacity you are working or serving. These tools, practices and gems can help you move beyond whatever has been holding you back, whatever has been getting in the way of starting or completing your projects or reaching your goals, whatever has been stopping you from grounding and actualizing your plans and dreams!


What is Coaching?

Coaching From the Heart 

For Individual & Teams/Groups

Coaching is about knowing that you have all the answers within you to realize your aspirations, dreams and goals; that you have the knowing within you to create the life that you desire and experience a new, more expanded way of being.  

Coaching is about asking you powerful questions to help you move forward with your life. It’s about challenging you to go places you haven’t gone before so that the obstacles or blocks that have been getting in your way can be moved through or dissolved.

Coaching is a partnership. As a coach, I may share an intuition or knowing that I’m having about you or your situation, but I always hand the conversation back to you to accept or reject my offering. You are the expert in your life. If what I share works for you, that’s great. It if doesn’t, that’s fine as well - it’s up to you and your discernment. I simply offer you a different perspective and allow you to decide what you want to do with it.

Coaching is about bringing all the bits of ourselves to the coaching conversation. As your coach, I bring all my negotiation, management and organizational knowledge, skills and abilities as an attorney, the centeredness and stillness of my meditation and yoga practice, and my ability to hold a loving, judgment-free space as a professional certified coach so that you can get the most out of our time together, personally and professionally.

Coaching is an exciting adventure of discovery and growth, the fast track to manifesting what you’re choosing to create in your life, an accelerated journey to a higher, clearer, brighter you.

It is recommended that before you start with your coaching sessions, you first book a
Discovery Session

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