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Whether you are looking for an individual reading with Arlene (in person or on Microsoft Teams)

or readings at your social or business gathering, party or event



Soul Readings offer you a rich, healing journey into a bigger perspective of what really matters




the opportunities open to you and how to best take advantage of them


the support available to reach your goals and create the life you desire


the simple tools and skills you need to create the clearest, brightest future






Soul Readings are fun, entertaining, helpful, supportive and an uplifting *



questions and concerns are answered in a way that best serves your highest potential



You are held in safe, supportive, nurturing space






you can record your session and take a photo of the card layout



So you can relax and enjoy the experience, knowing you can revisit the details later



and ponder all that was shared



 Schedule Your Personal Soul Reading Here




TEXT ARLENE @ 720.936.2634 to Schedule

Soul Readings @ Your Party, Event or Gathering












DISCLAIMER:  Individual experiences may vary. We cannot control or guarantee what any person or group will experience or feel. *





Kind Words


 Individual Sessions




The Soul Reading with Arlene was like a snap shot of threads currently present.  It showed me the opportunities at hand, the support available and the focus and the energy that I as the bigger essence need to keep in view.  It was a very rich soul feeling journey, a loving experience -- quite unexpected feeling and healing.  It helped me with a bigger perspective --what really matters. Arlene facilitated a tapestry with the cards she uses for energy to speak and it was deeply felt.  It was really a beautiful experience.

Patti M, Refresh Yoga, Holistic Counselor





Soul Reading with Arlene was a really lovely experience.  I have leaned away from readings in the past, but had a very helpful and hope filled positive experience with Arlene.  She held a lovely space of open exploration and was extremely respectful and did not push any agenda or interpretations.  It really was a space for loving exploration and I am most grateful

Dr. Elinor V, Clinical Psychologist






During my soul reading with Arlene, I could feel the strong sense of almost entering a sacred space just as we began. This safe space, strong, like super clear boundaries felt protective and understanding. This deep kindness surrounded the reading and a feeling of calm and restful awareness continued through the session so by the end I felt rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. The reading itself encouraged me to keep going and this enthusiasm for receiving the very New and transform.

The cards she used were beautiful and they helped me to focus and welcome graceful guidance.

Marguerite C, Registered Nurse & Mid-Wife






Working with Arlene has been insightful and inspiring. She has a wonderful knack of working collaboratively with her clients and this has really helped me to take ownership of my own path and destiny. Arlene has helped me to bring more joy into moving forward into new territory, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Arlene to anyone seeking an encouraging, compassionate and insightful approach. Thank you, Arlene!

Lisa D, Coach, Facilitator






I found my reading with Arlene quite powerful. The cards she used were lovely, and Arlene held a supportive space and worked with them (and me)in a way that felt both confident and intuitive. I moved through quite a big feeling process during the reading and it bought valuable new awareness to the forefront for me to continue working with.

Sue G, Holistic Counsellor



Event, Parties, Special Occasions & Gatherings



I invited Arlene to participate in my salon's Holiday Trunk Sale, and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

My clients and staff loved her and enjoyed their Soul Readings. She added some extra sparkle to the event. I highly recommend Arlene, her readings and services.

Jules J, Juno Studio, Boulder, Colorado




Arlene came to my home to do readings for a group of moms who have all just come out of this crazy pandemic. It was such a special experience for all of them and Arlene made each reading a special experience.

Kate V, Aurora, Colorado




We hired Jewel Consultancy for our office holiday party for tarot card readings. Arlene was amazing.  Everyone in the office loved having their cards read and she was very accomodating and flexible when asked to extend our time.  I would highly recommend Arlene for any of the services offered.  She is extremely knowledgable and professional, and was a great addition to our party.

Liz K., Denver, Colorado







+1 720.936.2634


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Arlene is a long-time student of spiritual alchemy with a daily yoga and meditation practice

and a passion for Soul Readings.


Arlene is also a Professional Certified Coach, an A-V Rated Attorney, a Senior Tutor

and Mentor, and a Certified Meditation Facilitator


Arlene is passionate about working with sensitive, intuitive souls, like yourself,

who are ready for change, looking for answers and seeking something new that resonates

with them and can make a real difference.





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