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Complete the quiz below, add up your score and find out your level of self-mastery.


Email Arlene the results of your completed quiz for a free 20 minute consultation. We would love to hear how you scored!


Answer the following questions on a Scale of 0 to 5 (0 = never, 5 = always) 



Self Mastery Quiz






Self-mastery is lacking and needs some serious work if you would like to truly experience freedom. Select one thing from the list above and work with it until you have conquered it and move onto the next.


You are on the path to achieving self-mastery, keep on going. Use the list above as a checklist to see which areas need work.


You are to be congratulated on the work you have put into achieving self-mastery. You are on the road to greater heart mastery.




You may be surprised by your score.  


We can talk about some simple, small steps that will work for you, steps that will help you create the change that you desire, in your free introductory call.  






Many thanks to Jenny Parker of Heartforce ® - www.heartforce.com.au

for permission to share this Self-Mastery Quiz with you.