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Discussions, Mediations, Soul Reading Samplers, Tools and much more to enlighten and enloven your life.


Welcome to Self-Mastery Classes and Soul Reading Samplers. It’s lovely to have you here reading about and engaging with our site, and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Self-Mastery Classes are about getting more in tune and in touch with your authentic self and living out of that; being more who you truly are on the ground, here on earth, without apologizing and without playing small.


When we listen to our hearts and step forward and take action based upon what makes our heart’s sing, our world changes. We feel more sucked into place and more able to handle the day-to-day stresses and challenges as they present. Life feels different.


Soul Readings offer you a rich, healing journey into a bigger perspective of what really matters, the opportunities at hand, the support available and the tools to create the clearest, brightest future. You are held in a strong, safe space of kindness and calm assurance, and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, connected to your own heart’s knowing, optimistic and self-empowered.  Soul Reading Samplers give you a taste of that journey!


Self-Mastery Classes and Soul Reading Samplers are about sharing the enlightened tools, practices and new ways of being that turn things around, that help us to open our hearts while having strong, heartfelt boundaries and knowing how to clear and protect our energy fields and bodies as we step forward into the world and serve to the best of our abilities, whether at home, at work or elsewhere, socially or politically or environmentally etc. in the world.


We now have the tools to deal more effectively with life, and we now have our internal guidance system tuned up and working at a higher vibrational level to stay ‘above the fray’ and experience life in a new way. 


That’s very exciting and much needed on this planet, a new way of being and interacting in the world, so you can experience more contentment and joy and so you can be a better you, as a parent, friend, business partner or associate or employee or manager, as more of the soul and spirit that you are in each moment.


Come to class as often you like.  You are always welcome.  We are currently meeting in Denver, Colorado.  If you don't live near Denver and are interested in an online class, please let me know. 



Here's our MEETUP link





Live an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary Way!  I am looking forward to connecting with you.


Big love




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Arlene is a long-time student of spiritual alchemy with a daily yoga and meditation practice and a passion for Soul Readings.


Arlene is also a Professional Certified Coach, an A-V Rated Attorney, and a Senior Tutor and Mentor.


Arlene brings all of these gifts to you with coaching, mentoring, classes and readings, touching into the heart of what’s really important to you in all aspects and on all levels of your life, and gifting you with the tips and tools needed to support you moving forward.






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