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Private Sessions are about gifting yourself the self-care, nurturance and support that you want and need to be and do your best.


One-On-One Mentoring helps you create the life you desire because you are ready for positive, sustainable change.

One-On-One Mentoring supports you to find what you need to step onto the hero's path and experience more contentment and joy in life.

One-On-One Mentoring helps you to feel more confident and self-assured because you are working with your inner coach and not that pesty inner critic.

One-On-One Mentoring gives you access to free online classes that nourish your soul and support your growth and success.




Soul Readings are about having your own private, in person overview and snapshot of your life, supporting and encouraging you to move forward with your evolution, for whatever is the highest and best thing that you could possibly do with your life. 


Sometimes we see patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and make suggestions on how to move around them and let them go; sometimes we see where you are going well and encourage you to keep stepping forward and how to support yourself with that; sometimes we see where you are challenged and could use some guidance or support to create new realities or ways of being for yourself.


Soul Readings are simply an offering, a unique form of mentoring that touches into the heart of what's really important to you, in all aspects and on all levels of your life. What's next is up to you. You decide when and how to apply the learnings.









The Soul Reading with Arlene was like a snap shot of threads currently present.  It showed me the opportunities at hand, the support available and the focus and the energy that I as the bigger essence need to keep in view.  It was a very rich soul feeling journey, a loving experience -- quite unexpected feeling and healing.  It helped me with a bigger perspective --what really matters. Arlene facilitated a tapestry with the cards she uses for energy to speak and it was deeply felt.  It was really a beautiful experience.


Patti McBain, Owner, Trans Genesis School of Yoga and Meditation





Arlene's soul readings have assisted me to move through some challenging times and given me a bigger perspective than I was able to access myself.  

Whilst they expand my consciousness and show me a bigger picture, they are also very grounded and accessible, I always understand what she is saying and I come away with actual tools and something to focus on rather than being rescued.  

I feel held in a loving space, and inspired to reach deeper within, I feel more connected with my own heart and inner guidance during and afterwards.

There is a lot of hope, truth and self-empowerment shared; I recommend Arlene to other who wish to have someone walking alongside them. 


Claire Newman, Life Coach, Psychotherapist






I found my reading with Arlene quite powerful. The cards she used were lovely, and Arlene held a supportive space and worked with them (and me)in a way that felt both confident and intuitive. I moved through quite a big feeling process during the reading and it bought valuable new awareness to the forefront for me to continue working with.

Sue Goodwin, Coach, Mentor, Holistic Counsellor 









Contact Arlene at +1 720.936.2634 (text) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

for a free initial consultation





Arlene is a Professional Certified Coach, A-V Rated Attorney, Senior Tutor and Mentor

and Longtime Student of Spiritual Alchemy with a Daily Yoga and Meditation Practice and a Passion for Soul Readings




high ethical standing

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