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One-on-one Mentoring is about gifting yourself with the self-care,

nurturance and support that you need to be and do your best. 


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Great leaders throughout time have partnered with mentors;

growing and evolving more rapidly because of their wisdom, training and skills.



Mentoring helps you to acknowledge and face what's stopping you from creating the life you desire



Mentoring helps you create positive, sustainable change, to feel more hopeful and optimistic  



Mentoring is about enjoying the journey and appreciating how different you feel along the way.



Mentoring supports you to remember your purpose and experience new depths of contentment and joy



Mentoring helps you to feel more confident and self-assured, more capable of handing whatever life presents



Mentoring is about co-creating with someone who holds the vision of your highest,

clearest, brightest potential while sharing the knowing of how to achieve it. 



It would be my privilege to be that Mentor for you - to champion you and support your evolution



Mentoring is an amazing gift that you can give to yourself 



The road ahead is brighter when you have the support you've been looking for,

the guidance and direction that feels like coming home.



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Kind Words


I have been working with Arlene since Spring of 2020.Our sessions have been a saving grace for me.

I have learned techniques to calm my mind and body. As a highly sensitive person working in a caring profession during the pandemic, I really wanted to learn concrete ways to cleanse and clear my energy. I apply things I have learned from Arlene at home, at work, in the car, at the store ...  basically, any where and at any time.

She is a patient and thoughtful coach. I so look forward to her guided meditations every week.

Arlene is such a calm and loving guide.  For me, it is such a special time to connect with the energies of Source and the planet.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me, Arlene  

Sara B, Registered Nurse, Longmont, Colorado





Arlene is extremely gifted in the art of coaching and mentoring. Her manner is direct and clear, yet compassionate, non-judgmental, and supportive. 


For more than a year, she guided me through several spiritual growth courses where I would share how the material applied to my life. When I made forward progress, she acknowledged it with heartfelt celebration.  When I struggled or resisted, Arlene held space for me and shared other viewpoints, sometimes from her own experience, that opened me up to new possibilities and ways to grow.


Her intuition and insights helped me grow in self-acceptance, self-love, and spiritual clarity. I am deeply grateful to her for the love and light she has introduced to me.

Cindy W, Retired AT&T  Longmont, Colorado





I was presented with an opportunity to have 5 sessions with Arlene.

Over these five weeks, I was able was able to experience her unique style that really allowed me the safe space to vocalize what I was experiencing and feeling each week. I felt grateful to have the space to speak freely and felt that everything I expressed was received with compassion and validation without the feeling of judgement. For me, this was paramount and profoundly needed. After the first session, I knew this was going to be beneficial experience for me.

By having this opportunity and space, I was able to understand my thoughts and desires on a different level. Arlene listens so intently which allows her to offer tools and suggestions that aligned with my specific needs and desires. This has helped me to work on myself in a way that feels more congruent with who I know I am at my core. I will carry these tools with me moving forward.

Arlene is a natural and talented healer and I am forever grateful to have had this experience.

With profound gratitude,

Alana H, Registered Nurse, Longmont, Colorado





Arlene's ability to hold space and provide support through my emotional processing was a vital resource during a time of intense transition.

She has an innate ability for connection and an intuitive sense for how to best support her clients in the most conducive way. She facilitated significant inner growth and processing during our sessions together. I am so grateful for her presence and skills finding their way into my life.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to let go of heavy experiences, emotions or simply delve a little deeper into their own internal workings.

Erin W., Yoga Instructor and Facilitator





I began to work with Arlene during a very unsettling time for me professionally.

As a healthcare professional, what I do is deeply tied to who I am, and Arlene was very supportive in understanding that. Her intuitive, gentle way of listening and reflecting allowed me to process difficult emotions and feel safe to explore possibilities.

I feel tremendous gratitude when I see how much I've grown in the time that we have worked together.

S.B., Boulder, Colorado







Before signing up for a Mentoring Package, it's important to have a DISCOVERY SESSION together to find out what brings you to mentoring, what's going on in your life, what you love about your life and what you'd like to change.


During your DISCOVERY SESSION, we lay the groundwork for working successfully together in a way that best serves you and how you envision yourself on the other side of our time together.

+1 720.936.2634

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Arlene is a long-time student of spiritual alchemy with a daily yoga and meditation practice and a passion for Soul Readings


Arlene is also a Professional Certified Coach, an A-V Rated Attorney,

a Senior Tutor and Mentorand a Certified Meditation Facilitator


Arlene is passionate about working with sensitive, intuitive souls, like yourself, who are ready for change, looking for answers and seeking something new that resonates with them and can make a real difference



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Certified Meditation Facilitator





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