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Arlene is a certified Meditation Facilitator through Refresh Yoga



Meditation Sessions help you individually

or your team, group or organization to


forest at night with red and gold


relax the body, still the mind and reduce stress

experience greater clarity and focus

be calm, centered and present

sleep easily and deeply

accomplish your goals

navigate the waters of illness and disease

experience a deeper mind-body-spirit connection






Meditation Sessions are ideal for

businesses, groups and organizations

who want to increase


circle of friends




group harmony

unity of purpose

job or project satisfaction






Kind Words


I have been working with Arlene and attending her weekly meditation sessions for over 2 years now and she is a real gem!


Her meditation sessions have become a necessity in my weekly routine. It has reduced my stress, focused my mind and filled my heart with peace and warmth.


During the meditations I feel a strong bond with all of the participants and there is a synergy that is difficult to articulate. We transcend the here and now of daily concerns and all of my troubles and pressure melts away.  With each passing session this energy has grown and strengthened. 

Richard B, Retired Military Veteran






I've read that "the purpose of meditation is to reconnect to who you truly are and to help you live a more purposeful, happy, joyful, and fulfilling life." 


I have been participating on Arlene's meditations for a few years now and have found truth in this statement with Arlene's Energetic Hygiene and Violet Flame meditations. Her passion and deep commitment to these meditations inspired me to slow down, quiet my mind, and let go of my day.


Her absolute mastery of the content, her soothing tone, her melodic cadence, and her intuitive selection of topics all contribute to a deep, healing experience.  She translates profound and life-changing wisdom into words that are easy to embrace.


I am deeply grateful to Arlene for the peace and clarity that her meditations inspire.   

Cindy W, Retired AT&T , Longmont, CO






720 936 2634 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


arlene5copy copy

Arlene is a long-time student of spiritual alchemy with a daily yoga and meditation practice

and a passion for Soul Readings.


Arlene is also a Professional Certified Coach, an A-V Rated Attorney, a Senior Tutor and Mentor

and a Certified Meditation Facilitator.


Arlene is passionate about working with people who want to relax, release and let go;

who want to quiet the mind and experience a more peaceful state of being.









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 Arlene is an AV Rated Colorado Attorney, a Professional Certified Coach,

a Senior Tutor & Mentor & a Certified Meditation Facilitator

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