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 I thoroughly recommend Arlene!



 Coaching with Arlene has been a fantastic experience!







From Women Leaders




Arlene brings a loving ability to move me to core issues and then helps open strategy paths in my projects. Sometimes, as a leader, I am so involved in the day-to-day or even my vision or organisations vision.


Arlene can see that too, yet she sees higher clearer practical paths forward and it makes things seem simple to improve again. I feel invigoration stream through my projects ( both business and charity) after a session with Arlene.


I really recommend her as a personal, business and professional coach-- she has an ability to wrap and weave those into one session too! 

Patti M, Refresh Yoga, Holistic Counselor, Perth, Australia





Arlene brings a rich skillset to all she does.


I had the privilege to work with Arlene strengthening the leadership of a NonForProfit. Arlene supported us to focus on our valves and how to best achieve them.


Arlene brings a clarity of vision and a wealth of experience combined with a loving heart that promotes the best outcome for all with sound practical applications.


I highly recommend Arlene as a coach, mentor and consultant. 

Julie S, RN, PCC, Author "Nursing by Heart", Clinical Supervisor, Mentor, Facilitator, Director CoreTrue





I love working with Arlene.


She has an ability to work deeply to the heart of any matter and assist people to find their own solutions first, while also having a tool box of useful resources. 


Arlene has a strong ethical approach, a solid grounding in coaching and mentoring and a desire to help her clients flourish.


I've worked with Arlene for many years now.


She is a popular part of my team which handles my coaches and mentors who come from all levels of life - from moms and dads, creative individuals right up to top level executives and she has the ability to adapt to their needs and style of working producing insights and many 'ah hah' moments.


I am grateful to have Arlene working with us in a consulting, tutoring, mentoring and coaching capacity.


My only wish is that she was also an attorney in Australia so we could use those services here!

Belinda B, MCC, Global Coaching Academy





From International Coaching Federation Accredited Coaches




Arlene in her coaching is calm, at ease, she trusts the process and allows the silence to do the work.


She puts me at work, coming from the context 'I know'. In her coaching she works with what comes to the surface and encourage me to go deep, while she holds the space. I felt safe, being seen and in deep connection with her. She was there, however all the space was given to me.


Thank you, Arlene. I appreciated our coaching together. 


J.T., Nashville, Tennessee





Arlene listens well and is skilled at holding the space for the client.


I truly felt she was holding me great and trusting that I could find amazing answers to questions I struggle with on my own. I now have a clearer path for my coaching business and how to help senior leaders and start-up founders lead with presence and impact.


Arlene has a style of friendliness and authority that work well for me.


The way she connected me to what I believe in and my higher purpose was very powerful. Thank you!

Maiken C L, PCC, Executive Business Coach, Denmark





I found Arlene to be confident and highly supportive coach with strong ability to connect to the client and adjust her coaching style accordingly.


Seamless flow of a coaching session capped with robust and useful results make the conversation a great investment of your time!

Paulius R, PCC, Lithuania





I have known Arlene for 7 years now and have had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by her and also took one of her courses. 



Arlene is a very powerful coach and mentor. She cuts right to the truth but in an extremely compassionate way which had really helped me to get many realizations in a short amount of time and integrate them. 



She is also excellent at holding you to account and has a strong sense of ethics which has been a "True North" for me. She also is extremely courageous which has inspired my own courage.



If I am struggling with something, she picks up on it intuitively and shares how she overcame a similar experience with humility and compassion from a non-judgemental space which really helps me to feel heard and honored....and greeted with a Namaste experience. 



I love and respect her deeply not only as a fellow professional woman, but more importantly as a fellow traveller on a hero's journey. She holds an amazing space of transformation which can be felt immediately when working with her physically or over the phone. 



She is compassionate, highly intuitive, loving, passionate, dynamic, courageous, and inspiring.  She always brings out the best in others in every interaction and moves things forwards and helps to catalyze shifts very quickly.


She does not let you get away with things either! 



I am honored to know her and recommend her highly to anyone wanting her to work with her in any capacity, from coaching, mentoring, intuitive work or leadership/business coaching.

Indra K, MBA , ACC  





I found Arlene to be a compassionate, gentle and encouraging coach.


She skillfully invited me to explore my emotions, and struck a lovely balance between questioning and giving me the freedom to flow when ideas were coming to me.


I am thankful for her reflections and encouraging me to celebrate and acknowledge my progress.


Ultimately I feel confident about the professional decisions made whilst we were working together and I am committed to continuing the bold steps to make it a reality.

Angela A, PCC, BSc, PhD, MBA, England





Arlene was a fantastic coach, she challenged me in many ways during our sessions. She engaged quickly in exploring what was behind my initial goals to uncover what was the true opportunity for me.


I highly recommend her as she moved me forward in my personal and professional life.

Belinda MJ B, PCC,  Florida USA





Arlene is an AMAZING coach - talented at balancing listening with challenging, allowing space to clear and then delving into new territory that I was reluctant to consider, let alone speak out loud.

Michelle B MS, PCC





Working with Arlene was such a pleasure.


Arlene has such a warm and genuine personality and she is really good at summing up what she's heard, really great with encouragement, and really great at challenging the inconsistencies.


Arlene is very good at keeping the lines of coaching very clear and if there is anything that seems to stray outside of the bounds of coaching she doesn't go there.


Arlene really knows how to help you find the best in you.

Eric H, ACC,  Canada





Arlene is a Great Coach. I found her partnership powerful, enabling me to learn from reflection and move to action.

Mike W, PCC, United Kingdom






Arlene is a professional coach who builds trust and rapport with her clients.


She finds ways of encouraging clients to focus on the positive and reach deep inside to walk away with self-discovery that enables growth, both personal and professional.

Mary O, ACC, Ireland




Arlene was very encouraging.


She listened deeply and at key moments asked simple and powerful questions that created breakthrough clarity.


She facilitated my natural thinking style and moved me towards focus and action - for that I am extremely grateful. 

Vicky K, ACC, Dubai





Arlene is a great coach, very flexible and a wonderful listener.


Arlene asked very insightful questions, which always led me to a different direction or to become unstuck from a set way of thinking. I really enjoyed the sessions. 

Divyesh S, ACC, Sydney, Australia





I always looked forward to coaching time with Arlene ... she was both easy and tough at the same time. Would not let me get away with evading her questions.


Kept me focused and a tuned to my journey although from session to session the coaching topics changed up ... but in the end it all came together in a nice package with a clear vision of what lies ahead.

Ronnie K, Life Coach, Arizona





Arlene is very attentive and is a very good listener - focusing not just on words, but tone and body language. She uses her intuition very effectively.


She fully leans in to her client and gives them lots of space to think and reflect. She is very co-active, open and flexible.

Barb R S, Executive Coach, Canada





I thoroughly enjoyed working with Arlene.


She is warm and friendly and built trust with me. I felt I could open up to her without her judging me.


She pushed me when I needed to be pushed but not in a confronting way that made me feel overly uncomfortable. 


I liked her frequent acknowledgements about what I was saying and how she kept upbeat irrespective of what we were discussing.

Yvonne M, PCC, New Zealand





Arlene will make you think through your coachable moment and provide solid support while you consider your options.


She is respectful and forthright.


I would consider Arlene as your coach if you need help with a complex issue as she asks piercing and thoughtful questions that will move you forward.

Margot H, PCC, Washington, D.C.




From Colleagues in the Legal Profession





I have known Arlene Miller for in excess of twenty years. We are fellow members of the Commecial Law League of America (CLLA).


Arlene has excelled in a number of leadership roles within the CLLA. 


I have also worked with her on a professional basis. 


She is an excellent attorney with a fine attention to details.  Arlene's character, both on a professional and personal basis, is above reproach.  She exhibits the highest degree of ethical behavior and is a credit to the legal profession. 


Above all, she is a fine human being.

David G, Attorney




I have known Arlene Cohen Miller for approximately twenty years, both professionally and socially. 


We were colleagues in the Commercial Law League of America, a trade group of attorneys and laymen who specialize in creditor's rights and bankruptcy law. 


Arlene was an active participant, contributing to marketing activities, organizing meetings and groups, as well as conducting educational seminars.


In addition, Arlene and I have shared clients and referred legal cases to each other.  In all instances, Arlene has demonstrated a high standard of legal excellence, timeliness of work, and ethics


I trust my clients with her legal skills. 


Finally, she is a considerate and thoughtful friend, with a solid moral grounding. 

Sidney F, Attorney



I am very pleased to report that I've known Arlene Cohen Miller for a number of years now and that she does epitomize the highest in professional standards. 


Not only is Arlene an excellent lawyer (we have worked a number of cases together), she is also a good administrator and organizer. 


For example, she asked me to speak at West Coast Commercial Law League meetings on several occasions and


I was totally impressed with the way the meeting was so well organized, relevant, and fun.   These meeting were organized by Arlene. 


On a personal level, Arlene is always determined and is able to deal with challenges and issues with intelligence and quick wit.

Steven H, Attorney




Arlene Cohen MIller has been a a colleague of mine for many years.  I met Arlene at a Commercial Law League of America ("CLLA") conference. 


At first it seemed our only connection was that we were each commercial litigators and women practicing law in a predominantly male environment. 


We were running parallel tracts in the CLLA.  Arlene was most active int he Creditors' Rights Section and the Western District of the CLLA. I was most active in the Bankruptcy Section and the Eastern District.


Through the years, Arlene proved herself to be a valuable asset to the CLLA, and in particular tot he Western District of the CLLA.  Arlene, almost single-handedly, revamped the annual Western District meeting into a 1 1/2 day program packed with education and networking opportunities.


Arlene has served on the Executive Council of the Creditors' Rights Section of the CLLA, culminating as Chair of the Section.  Thereafter, she served as Creditors' Rights Section Representative on the Board of Governors.  Ms. Miller also served on the Executive Council of the Western District, culminating in Chair of the District. 


Her tireless participation on committees has shown her to be an industrious and hard worker with a tremendous amount of energy and dedication to whatever task is put before her.


The list of committess on which Arlne has served is quite long and includes the National Marketing Committee, the CRS Promotion and Development Committee, the Diversity Commitee and the National Membership Committee. 


I cannot recall a National Conference of the CLLA at which I did not see Arlene in attendance.


During the time I served as President of the CLLA, I have the opportunity to work closely with Arlene as she put together another successful Western District meeting. 


But for Arlene's diligence, details of the conference would have been lost.  She was the watchful overseer making sure everything got done that needed doing, in particular urging the League office and me to negotiate with the hotel to obtain the best possible meeting site fo the conference.


As Past President, I had the privilege of serving on the President's Cup Committee. The President's Cup is the most prestigious award given by the CLLA. 


The President's Cup is awarded to a CLLA Member who has rendered outstanding service on behalf of or for the benefit of the League and its membership. 


The attributes which are sought for this award recipient include a substantial contribution to the improvement of the standards and practice of commercial law, or of the business activities of the lay members of the League. 


The award recipient must have encouraged an honorable course of dealing among her professional colleagues and, in doing so, materially furthered the objectives of the Commercial Law League of America as well as conducted her personal, business and professional life in accordance with such high ethical, moral and civic responsibilities as to commend the recognition and respect of her community. 


Arlene Cohen Miller was most deserving and was awarded the CLLA President's Cup at the CLLA Annual Conference in 2009. 


Whatever job Arlene seeks to do is performed with diligence, excellence and her full participation and concentration.

Wanda B, Attorney





From Coaching | Mentoring Clients




Working with Arlene was an expansive process for me, allowing access to deeper feeling and understanding in many different areas of my life. My vulnerability and the journey I am traveling was really celebrated in our sessions, which created openness and acceptance within me. I am beyond grateful for Arlene's depth of presence and her support in guiding me towards clarity and a more grounded connection with myself. Thank you!

Stacey L , New Zealand     Creative Industries Professional - Independent Arts/Theatre    Owner - The Arts Industry Coach





Simon Sinek talks about articulating your Why -- and Arlene helped me find mine.


Our work together helped me to create a bridge between my current business, my new business venture and my formerly silent personal history that I can now bring to my clients and customers.


Arlene helped me to recognize that the power of story is not to compel and inspire people by sharing something exciting, but instead by sharing your core truth.


She has coached me and has given me the confidence to be seen and heard in a new way, and that’s already bringing great results.

Annalise S, Health & Fitness Industry, Colorado USA





I have worked with Arlene Miller for a number of years and have found her to be a wonderful coach and highly ethical professional.


Arlene has a great understanding of the needs of someone in business and the personal challenges they can encounter within a professional context; she understands leadership and helps her clients become better leaders within themselves, with their clients and as professionals.


She is intuitive, insightful, warm and wonderfully in tune with her clients, supporting them to move in the direction of their own unique potential and taking each challenge or perceived pitfall and assisting them to transform it into solutions, discoveries and new possibilities.


That’s what I love the most about working with Arlene, her optimistic, practical and enabling approach. As a coach, she has helped me take this approach on for myself, working together creatively in a coach-client partnership and bringing practical solutions to light to help make it all possible.


Thank you Arlene!

Lisa D, Facilitator & Presenter, Perth, Australia





Coaching with Arlene gave me such an open, spacious, encouraging piece of time that I was able to explore discover and create a whole new set of understandings in my own words (and pictures) to put into more meaningful action the teachings I had learned over a lot of years.


Arlene's steady confident cheerful and curious style kept me on track and challenged me for more when I seemed to be taking the 'safe' not quite 'it' option.


I am completely grateful to her for resurrecting my faith in the coaching process.

Kaye L - artist + coach, Switzerland





I have known Arlene for more than a decade.  She is a very compassionate human being. 


As a coach, she brings this compassion into her sessions. 


I am a very self-directed person and Arlene still was able to assist me to come to greater awareness and see options in areas where I found myself stuck. 


She lovingly holds a space for the client to come to his or her own inner knowing. 


I whole-heartedly recommend Arlene for anyone seeking a coach to help them seek their own expanded awareness.

David H, University Professor, Florida





Arlene creates a space of love and non-judgment.  


She is very aware of her surroundings and knows when we need to stop and breathe to access knowing from the heart.  

Arlene helped me recognize goals I wanted to accomplish and to be accountable for moving forward.  


I am so thankful for the coaching and mentoring Arlene did with me.

Lisa W Y, Entrepreneur





I have the utmost respect for Arlene, I have found her to be a caring, supportive, loving person who has the ability to know your strengths, as well as your weaknesses and relates these to you in a most profound healing way, which in turn promotes positive growth.  


I recommend Arlene as a mentor and coach, her words of wisdom are inspiring.

Belle G, Melbourne Australia, Retired Social Worker




Arlene is a powerful coach and mentor; she hold a loving compassionate space for me to stretch myself and grow in areas I didn't expect.


She is a great listener and makes me feel acknowledged for who I am so that I can be my authentic self.  


I highly recommend working with her.

Indra K, ACC, Social Worker, New Jersey





From Class Participants




Negotiating By Heart gave me courage to keep stepping closer to my then dreams to live as an artist - as a visual artist, writer and musician.


It stirred my soul and awakened something deep down which had been asleep for all the fake masks I had put on to entertain people for no other reason than to make them feel happy when deep down I was dying, and yet, I was so unconscious to this part of me that was dying.


Bringing this part of me to life was a painful, necessary and wonderful transformation.


Part of who I am today and the courage and hope I bring to life I owe to doing this course, for which I am eternally grateful.


Thank you Arlene and everything, all of life that assisted you to create the course and what assist you to continue to facilitate it.


What a gift!

Faith R, Visual Artist, Writer, Musician



It was a gift to experience the Negotiating from the Heart’ course facilitated by Arlene. 


The practical content and heartfelt approach enabled me to identify some old patterning that I discovered was holding back my potential. 


After the six-week course the changes seem quite profound. 


I now feel to more consistently communicate from a loving space, even in tough negotiations, both with self and others. In less urgency of heading for the solution, I am curious to spend time building rapport. 


In this space, honest communications seem more relaxed with an awareness of unlimited possibilities for all.

Also exciting is with an increased confidence to focus on marketing my new business, client numbers are already increasing! 


So if you feel stuck in creating limiting outcomes or you wish for some courage to express yourself with more clarity, then I can highly recommend this course for unfolding so much wondrous insight.   


Thank you again Arlene.

Jen T, Bowen Practitioner





I am very grateful to Arlene for this course during which I have been challenged and grown more than I originally thought.


I have grown in confidence and belief in myself that I am able to face what I thought was so fearful and be okay.


And not to just be okay, but to acknowledge and respect my own worthiness along with that of other, learning to stand my ground, stand firmly and hold a space for myself along with other and practice allowing each and all to simply Be with Acceptance, Humility and Respect and all communication will come from there, verbal and energetic.


I love Being (Beaming) more and more.

Lynette K, Artist




What impressed me the most when I started working with Arlene as a student in her Negotiating From The Heart Class was her amazing ability to be so direct, strong and confident at the same time as being completely heart-centered, patient and acknowledging. 


The benefits I have gotten from working with Arlene are the trust of knowing that when coming from a heart-centred place that win-win is truly possible. 


I loved Arlene’s ability to stretch time, to include a full starting meditation, have time for complete attention on all the participants with genuine helpful and stretching opportunities that along with the prepared content offered so much quality for all of us.

Kay L, Life Coach & Artist, Switzerland





When I started the course, I held the view that negotiating was about getting my way.  


I now understand active listening, direct communication and holding space.  


The most valuable gem that I got from this course was simply that something inside of my heart started to grow.  


It feels like there is a seed of light sparking inside my heart and it's only going to grow, spread out and shine. I liked that we got to experience and practice negotiating.  


It was challenging and confronting, but it gave me the opportunity for a lot of growth.


Arlene, Thank you for taking the time to go through the two classes that I missed; I appreciate the help.  


You have helped me tap into something that's going to change my whole life. 

Lee-Ann G, Little Gumnuts




The challenges I had with negotiating before working with Arlene were a lack of experience and understanding of what negotiation was really about. 


I thought negotiation was about power and strength and ‘one upping’ the ‘opponent’. 


I also thought negotiation would be difficult to learn. What impressed me was the way Arlene managed to integrate negotiation with high ideals. 


She also has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field. 


The benefits I have gained from working with Arlene is a change in my belief that negotiation is a power struggle – in fact you’ll get better results going into it with love and strong boundaries. 



I know have the knowledge I need to go into a negotiation and a much greater confidence in that.

Stuart H, Office Worker





Due to having such a strong mental body for most of my life, being and coming from a heart space has been a challenge for me. 


Before working with Arlene, I believed I was negotiating from the heart; but when I listened to the first recorded call, I became aware I was not. 


What impressed me the most was Arlene’s ability to hold all the participants of the class in a loving presence; the energy of her meditations was powerful. 


Arlene has this gift of being spot on, especially when she stretches you; her feedback is remarkable, as it is exactly what I needed to hear. 


One of the benefits I received from working with Arlene was being reminded of the importance of being and staying aligned, centered and grounded, before connecting to a heart space; another is believing in myself, to trust, have faith that I am negotiating from the heart when I connect with people in the alcohol/drug field and that I hold compassion, understanding and empathy towards these people.

Belle G, Retired Residential Youth Care Worker






Arlene is an experienced attorney and negotiator who is able to facilitate the art of negotiating with anyone who wishes to understand their motivations and to let go of their old patterns of expectation and pushing to get what they feel is right or stopping what they feel is wrong and to practise being a heartfelt negotiator. 


Her negotiation classes assist people to negotiate in all aspects of their life and to become aware of how they can improve negotiating skills. 


She is really organisied and funny and loves what she teaches. Lawyers and attorneys are often the brunt of disparaging jokes.


Arlene paves the way for a new style of lawyering where these kinds of jokes will be redundant because she has such a big, compassionate heart and a sharp, keen mind. 

Patti M, Refresh Yoga, Holistic Counselor




Since we began this course, I have had the serendipitous chance to negotiate in several completely different quarters in my life.


In each case, I have held my own and been able to lift the proceedings. I have found that when steady in the core of the heart, everything is still. I am not at the mercy of a freaked or thrashing ego. 


There’s no need and therefore no disappointment. It’s beautifully win/ win for all. It’s a great if it is, great if it isn’t approach. I feel I can contribute effectively from both sides of the spectrum now.


I used to be hazardously nervous and these days I feel so much more able and open, which of course leads to joy and even fun.


I do still feel I need to be prepared; however, as one knows the material one works with, there's loads of space for 'creative' flow in the negotiating experience.


I am grateful for this simple but profound realization.


Thank you Arlene. And thank you course participants. I have enjoyed the whole experience.

Annei E, International Artist





In the few short weeks since we started, I am no longer afraid of negotiations. I now look forward to them because it is such an amazing gift to be in that heart space with another -- when it is no longer about "me" but rather about the connection between two people and what is possible. 


I now am able to have the freedom to go to a negotiation knowing that no matter what happens it will be an opportunity for me to grow and share love with another.

Indra K, ACC, Social Worker









From Soul Reading Clients





The Soul Reading with Arlene was like a snap shot of threads currently present.  It showed me the opportunities at hand, the support available and the focus and the energy that I as the bigger essence need to keep in view.  It was a very rich soul feeling journey, a loving experience -- quite unexpected feeling and healing.  It helped me with a bigger perspective --what really matters. Arlene facilitated a tapestry with the cards she uses for energy to speak and it was deeply felt.  It was really a beautiful experience.

Patti M, Refresh Yoga, Holistic Counselor


Soul Reading with Arlene was a really lovely experience.  I have leaned away from readings in the past, but had a very helpful and hope filled positive experience with Arlene.  She held a lovely space of open exploration and was extremely respectful and did not push any agenda or interpretations.  It really was a space for loving exploration and I am most grateful

Dr. Elinor V, Clinical Psychologist



During my soul reading with Arlene, I could feel the strong sense of almost entering a sacred space just as we began. This safe space, strong, like super clear boundaries felt protective and understanding. This deep kindness surrounded the reading and a feeling of calm and restful awareness continued through the session so by the end I felt rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. The reading itself encouraged me to keep going and this enthusiasm for receiving the very New and transform.

The cards she used were beautiful and they helped me to focus and welcome graceful guidance.

Marguerite C, Registered Nurse and Mid-Wife




Working with Arlene has been insightful and inspiring. She has a wonderful knack of working collaboratively with her clients and this has really helped me to take ownership of my own path and destiny. Arlene has helped me to bring more joy into moving forward into new territory, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Arlene to anyone seeking an encouraging, compassionate and insightful approach. Thank you, Arlene!

Lisa D, Workplace Facilitator




I found my reading with Arlene quite powerful. The cards she used were lovely, and Arlene held a supportive space and worked with them (and me)in a way that felt both confident and intuitive. I moved through quite a big feeling process during the reading and it bought valuable new awareness to the forefront for me to continue working with.

Sue G, Coach, Holistic Counsellor




I invited Arlene to participate in my salon's Holiday Trunk Sale, and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

My clients and staff loved her and enjoyed their Soul Readings [f/k/a Insight Readings]. She added some extra sparkle to the event. I highly recommend Arlene, her readings and services.

Jules J,  Boulder, Colorado



I found having soul readings [f/k/a Insight Readings] with Arlene incredibly helpful.

Arlene holds you in a compassionate and judgment free space during the session, shares her insights with you without attachment and in a way that is empowering.

I have used the sessions to make refinements in my life that have had positive outcomes both personally and professionally.

I would recommend insight readings with Arlene to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Tanya S, Retired Public Relations Coordinator, Mentor, Coach



Arlene's soul readings [f/k/a Insight Readings] have assisted me to move through some challenging times and given me a bigger perspective than I was able to access myself.  

Whilst they expand my consciousness and show me a bigger picture, they are also very grounded and accessible, I always understand what she is saying and I come away with actual tools and something to focus on rather than being rescued.  

I feel held in a loving space, and inspired to reach deeper within, I feel more connected with my own heart and inner guidance during and afterwards.

There is a lot of hope, truth and self-empowerment shared; I recommend Arlene to other who wish to have someone walking alongside them.

Claire N,Clinical Psychologist, Mentor, Coach



I have been receiving soul readings [f/k/a Insight Readings] on a regular basis with Arlene for a while now, and have found her to be very accurate 

It's wonderful to know that I am held in a sacred, loving, non judgmental space where I can explore .

I have recommended Arlene to several of my friends , and they all love her too.

Sophia C, The Source Hairdressing




From Crystal Healing | Chakra Balancing Clients

I met Arlene several years ago in Bikram yoga and have enjoyed her peaceful, focused presence in our classes.

Recently I attended two crystal healing-chakra balancing sessions with her. Both were very profound and unique experiences for me.

Arlene started by helping me completely relax using visualization and guided me to focus on love and above feelings. Somehow she zeroed in on blockages where I needed help.

The first time was energy clearing that left me feeling light and peaceful

The second time was physical healing that helped me clear congestion and loosen my hip pain.

I don’t know how Arlene does these healings, but I believe she has a gift that helps people heal. And she does this from a space of peace, love, and support.

She’s amazing!

Cindy W, Retired AT&T




Arlene is such an inspiration.  

She's a beautiful, loving, caring person who is sharing her gift with us! Her crystal healing-chakra balancing sessions are amazing, and each one is different.

I always let Arlene do what she "feels" I need during the session, without asking for any specific healing.

I am never disappointed, and I always walk away with a different area of healing and a new awareness of myself.  

Thank you Arlene!

Sharon L




I learned about Arlene and her crystal healing-chakra balancing work from a mutual friend and patient of mine a few months ago. 

I was told she had "something special" to offer

Always the skeptic, I thought I'd try a session to check it out and decide if it was something that might benefit my patients. 

After 30 years as a practicing chiropractor, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with many therapists in the healing arts...some talented and others...not so much. 

From my initial session with Arlene, I was convinced that she did in fact have something special to offer! 

I left feeling a sense of lightness and well being that I hadn't experienced in a very long time. 

I continue to see Arlene personally for sessions on a regular basis and have benefited greatly! I have referred patients to her and will continue to do so as she truly is a confident, intuitive and gifted healer!

Dr. David G, Retired Doctor of Chiropractory

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Arlene for my first crystal healing-chakra balancing session. Arlene made me feel at ease as soon as I arrived, she had soothing music playing in the background and candles to light our way. Her crystals were beautiful and full of life!  

As I lay down and closed my eyes, I put my trust in her and knew everything would be okay; she guided my spirit through a cleansing that at the time I didn't know it, but would have a profound effect on my life's journey. My body tingled and disengaged from reality, but my spirit was proclaimed in a cosmic trance.

After an hour of this uplifting and spiritually sound session, Arlene closed with a prayer to mother earth and gave thanks. She was so kind as to retrieve a glass of much needed water and as I sipped it I became somber.

I realized Arlene is a special and gifted woman; she was amazing and carried a genuine energy about her and I felt totally comfortable with her, comfortable enough to feel compelled to open up to her emotionally.

I asked her where my hot spots were and she directed her palms in various locations. I then told her about my body image issues I have suffered with for years due to a past abusive relationship, as it turns out it was my third chakra that was needing of release (which Arlene happened to release.)

With a genuine hug from her I left with a sense of understanding that crystal therapy is, if I may speak freely, wickedly awesome!!  Two days went by and for the first time in 28 years I woke up and looked in the mirror and loved myself. She had cleared a blocked chakra that gives me freedom from self-imprisonment.

I can now live life without all the "ick" and self-criticizing thoughts. I feel like completely different woman, and I can't wait for my next session. If you have any doubts about crystal therapy, throw caution to the wind and live a little by seeing Arlene for a crystal therapy.

I am a firm believer in the help she gave me and the help she will give others.

Melissa I, Massage Therapist


I just finished my second crystal healing-chakra balancing session, and have to say that both sessions were wonderful in many ways.

During the sessions, themselves, I experience great relaxation, and I find my mind moving across many of the current issues I am experiencing in very interesting and creative ways.  

As we begin the session, Arlene asks what my current areas of focus and concerns are, and she works with the crystals to address energies relevant to those issues. 

When the session is complete, I find myself with some seeds of new clarity and resolve about these particular issues.  After the session, however, and almost without my realizing it, I find these seeds continue to grow.

As I go through my day and into the next, it is as if I have been given new grounding and resolve. In my last session, for example, I asked for better focus and direction about my writing, and help resisting the many distractions that pull me away from it.

After the session, I found myself much more aware of staying on track to meet my own needs and priorities, and much more able to reduce the time I devote to distractions.  I won't say it was a 100% change, but it was a strong increase in awareness and resolve that has me pulling myself back on track in a way I couldn't before. 

So, I'll go back again--crystal healing-chakra balancing seems to be giving me a critical grounding and foundation that I needed even more than I realized!

Blythe F T, PhD, Author & Consultant



Having crystal healing-chakra balancing sessions with Arlene is a significant addition to my care routine.  Knowing her ethical standards and professionalism are superior, it is very easy to relax and trust that I am in good care.   

I experienced a wondrously deep, peaceful, and unconditionally loving state as stored emotional woundedness is cleared. Initially, I went to the sessions with many areas of my body, including my feet in constant pain. I was aware that I was unclear in my thinking in terms of accessing my inner guidance. 

The pain is gone from my feet and greatly reduced in the other areas she cleared.  I feel connected to myself and able to stand strong in my own being.  

I highly recommend Arlene as a crystal healer and practitioner. She loves her practice and she cares about you as a person and a client.

Linda L, Coach, Mentor




Arlene, Thank you so much for my recent crystal healing-chakra balancing session! I was somewhat apprehensive since I didn't know what to expect, but you quickly alleviated any concerns I may have had. I needn't have had any.

You did such a good job making the room in your home so comfortable and relaxing. As you explained about the crystals, I knew I was in good hands.

Your treatment was just right on every level: you were so compassionate, gentle and quiet, I was able to concentrate on the guidelines you clearly established before treatment began, feeling concentrations of energy as you worked, and it was so easy to be there, breathing, thinking about your comment on the power of love in the world.

I went home feeling so relaxed.  You transported me to a better place, and I would love to have another session with you anytime.

Thanks again, Arlene!

Kate L




Arlene's work with crystals is both powerful and gentle, working with the energies that you bring to the session.

Arlene assists you on your journey to clearing and releasing what is no longer needed.  Arlene is a sensitive and intuitive healer, helping to make the world a better place. 

Thank you for your help Arlene,

Jenifer M, PhD


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