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The Joy of Coaching

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The most powerful ally I have ever had is a woman who didn't buy into my stories.  

What made her such a powerful ally was that even when I thought I was hopelessly stuck, she knew that the only thing standing in my way was the limits I had placed upon myself.  

Every session was an invitation to view my challenges in a new light and make empowering choices.

Most people misunderstand coaches.  Some people think that a coach is someone who yells at them to do more pushups, run faster, jump higher and be a winner. 

Some people who call themselves coaches are not.  They are answer people (consultants) who give advice on business startups, dating strategies, weight loss and so on. 

Coaching is a state of being.

The best coaches are psychologically clear and hold their clients in a space of unconditional positive regard.  They are nonjudgmental; anything we bring to the table is open to discussion.

The best coaches help us clearly identify where we want to go, what we want to do and who we want to be; and, they walk along side of us with love each step of the way. They hold the ideal of our highest, clearest, brightest potential.

I believe that we have the answers inside. 

Anyone who says they have all of the answers to our problems is either a salesperson or a guru. We don't need someone guiding us who is primarily motivated by money.  We, also, don't need someone who wants to clone us in his or her own image.

It's disrespectful and disempowering to encourage dependency. It's time to step up and be our best selves from a place of wholeness.

What is truly empowering is having someone who helps us drop what's not working and create the change we desire.

There is nothing more helpful than a person with an expanded perspective who leaves us feeling more energized and optimistic.

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment when the penny drops and you experience a noticeable shift?  I have and that feeling motivates me to help people like you create positive, lasting change, whatever the looks like to you.

Most people forget their realizations under the stress and demands of day-to-day responsibilities. 

That's the beauty of working with a leadership coach  . . . you have someone who gets you and keeps you accountable and on track, who sees the best in you and is there for you, step by step of the way.


My passion is to support you in your unique journey . . . to help you create the life that you desire, both

personally & professionally, the life that lights you up and makes your heart sing.


. . . so that you not only are successful, you feel successful, and that's priceless.

So now what?

Connect with me and let's start a conversation. Your first thirty minute conversation is free – no strings attached.

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