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Effective delegating is crucial to your success.

As your business grows or as responsibilities increase, you can’t do everything you have been doing and be successful.

Mundane, repetitive tasks will hold you back. Handling projects that others could do just as effectively or better is a waste of your time and resources.

You probably know this . . . so, what's stopping you from delegating?

Maybe you don't trust your people to do the job as good as you do. . . maybe you're afraid they will just create a mess for you clean up . . . or won't get everything done on time . . . all valid . . . so where to from here?

Here are four simple steps to get you going  . . . and delegating like a superhero!


Step 1: Get out of the Way.

Don’t make delegation about you.

Delegating does not mean that you are losing control or that you can’t handle something.

Delegating means that you know how to get more done by utilizing the resources you have at hand – your people, division or team.



Step 2: Help Your People Succeed:

Don’t withhold information.

Be direct, clear and precise.

Talk to them.  Give them written instructions that are easy to follow.

Tell them WHAT, WHEN & HOW. . . when each step or task much be completed  . . . what milestones must be met and by when . . . what needs to be on your desk for review and when . . . what skills are needed, what resources are available to get the job done.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Make sure that you provide what they need to really shine.



Step 3: Stay in Touch.

Don’t disappear after delegating. Check in regularly.

Make sure that your people feel safe to bring any question, problem or concern to you . . .  there are no ‘stupid questions’.

You are there to catch small problems before they become big ones.

Remember what it was like to be in their shoes . . . be respectful, engaging and supportive.

Be patient and encouraging AND maintain appropriate boundaries . . . It’s not okay to drop the job back in your lap if difficulties arise or obstacle occur.



Step 4: Maintain & Build Trust.

Don’t take a task back once it’s been delegated. That undermines confidence . . . and can make you look power hungry and possessive ... a (yikes!) micromanager

Give your people the chance to do the job . . . remember . . . you chose them for a reason.

Just like you, they need to be mentored and groomed for success . . . it's about YOU embracing this kind of high-level leadership . . . and in so doing, success is assured.

Your people's success begets more success. Their success if your success.



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