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Do you have a problem with procrastination, putting some things on the bottom of the in tray over and over again?


You want to do and be your best, so what's holding you back?  What do you need to reach decisions quickly and decisively, to lead by inspiration and follow your own internal compass?


What you do counts more than what you say.  The space the you hold, compassionate, respectful, the hope that you instill in others, that's what counts most of all.


When you procrastinate, you miss opportunities as they arise; you don't do what needs to be done in the moment.  You get lost in anxiety and forget to breathe.  You stop trusting yourself and all the strengths, gifts and abilities you have at your disposal.


You don't have to go it alone.  Together is better.   Find, create, discover a mastermind group, a small group of trusted allies who unwaiveringly support each other.  Find a mentor or life coach to be a sounding board for your success. Use that group and personal support to stop beating around the bush and start taking one small step at time to create the change you desire.


You are worthy.  You have everything you need inside to move forward.  Being your own inner coach is a choice.  Make it.


Take time to listen to the wisdom inside of you.  All of the answers are there, if you slow down, make space, breathe and listen to that still small voice that has been trying to get you attention, your life will change for the better.  It's about keeping you own counsel, trusting that and taking no one into your confidence except your most intimate allies.


Lots of people have opinions; the problem is when you allow yourself to be influenced by them, to be swayed by gossip. You get sucked into fear, doubt and disbelief and that poisons your system!


Learn by listening.  Gather the wisdom and knowledge those around you have to share (those ones worthy of your trust and respect!), and be ever on the lookout for people who can teach you anything of value.  It's about taking the time to gather what you need to make decisions without disclosing your purpose.  It's about being discrete and open to inspiration, that gut feeling inside you need to listen to and follow.  It's about mustering up the faith and courage you need to be decisive and proactive. 


Your words and actions show that you know where you are going, which inspires others to follow.  It's about doing from a space of being, being content and self-assured, having clear, strong boundaries, and not letting yourself get sucked into the negativity around you.


Procrastination is something that you can master one step at a time, one bite size piece of getting something done that takes a weight off your shoulders, celebrating and building that foundation for a new way of being. 


In the end, it's all up to you. How self-determining do you choose to be?

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