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We can take our feelings and experiences in and turn them into either love or fear.

When we turn them into love, we acknowledge how we feel and what we've experienced. We stop judging and just letting it go.

Maybe we could have done better. That's okay.  We can review how we went and choose to do things differently next time.

But, judging our feelings or experiences just means that we are dragging the past around with us, and that's not very pleasant.

So, we drop the judgment and we feel our feelings and experiences with gratitude and acceptance, both expressions of love.

When we do this all the cells of our bodies resonate with more love, and that's a great service to the planet.

We could use a lot more unconditional love on earth, and it starts with each of us choosing to take life in and turn it into love.

Worthiness is a big issue in our society.

We are repeatedly given told that we are not worthy: that we are not thin enough, rich enough, successful enough, smart enough and so on.

We've got to stop waiting to feel worthy and just choose it!

Look at the advertising campaigns on television and social media. 

They pander to fear, saying that our self worth is determined from the outside.

This is a lie.  We are not worthy because of the car we drive, the clothes we wear, the schools we attend, the degrees we have, the job we hold, the size of our home or the wealth of our friends.  These are all temporal.  We can't take them with us when we die.

We are all worthy from the inside out, not the outside in.

We have all made mistakes which, in hindsight, would have handled differently. That's part of life.

Our mistakes don't make us unworthy of love.

Even if we've caused harm, it just means we have a mess to clean up.  We can do that.  We can learn and grow from our experiences.  It's a choice.

Choosing to love ourselves is the key. It's not selfish to first love ourselves.  It's the foundation we need to love another.

Our cup of love is so full, it overflows to share with others.

We no longer feel like we are running on empty and need someone or something else to fill us up.  We no longer feel the need to look outside of ourselves for love, when we are love ourselves.

It's much more self-empowering to fill our own buckets with love and then to share the overflow with everyone else in our lives.

Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect.

Why beat ourselves up when we mess up?

We just need to change our perspective, and drop the myth of perfection.

It is as it is. Why judge spilt milk? We can upgrade our attitude and see the situation with new eyes. 

How would we do things differently if we had it to do all over again?

What would that look like, and how would it feel?

What have we learned from the experience that has changed us? What's the golden nugget we can take away?

We can bring every experience back to ourselves and learn from what has happened.

We can help create more kindness in the world by being kinder to ourselves.

This is one way we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Unity and harmony are about removing feelings of separation from our lives.  It's about expanding our sphere of belonging.

Being attuned is like moving the radio dial to what we are choosing to connect with. 

Being attuned to unity is about feeling the Oneness of all life; feeling at one with the nature, our friends and loved ones, our community, our nation, all of humanily, the world at large.

When we are in unity consciousness, there is no 'us' and 'them'. Barriers, prejudices and biases drop away. We feel at peace.

Harmony is akin to the feeling of a song we really love, that opens us up and spills over as joy into our day. Discord falls away. We smile.

Unity and harmony together open us up to a new way of being, one that is rarely reflected in the daily news, but can be experienced within us as starting point to one day be reflected everywhere in the world around us.

The lack of harmony and unity inside of us is reflected in the world at large.  When we chose to experience more harmony and unity within, that helps to have it reflected in the lives around us.

Choosing to tune our radio dial to unity and harmony makes sense.  If we desire peace on earth, we need to start by harmonizing everything within us.

Judgment is what keeps us stuck and going around in circles.  Opinions are judgments and are declarations about how we see the world.

Sometimes we have been viewing a situation, a person or group of people one way for so long, we don't even realize that we are in judgment. 
Judgment is a form of fear. It's that uneasy feeling or knot in the pit of our stomach. It's that aching anxiety pulls us into a downward spiral. 

Judgment clouds our thinking and closes our hearts.  It's about I am right and you are wrong, I am good and you are bad, I know what's best and you do not.

Dropping judgment is a choice. It's like holding a penny in our hand and choosing to let it fall to the ground.

When we choose to drop judgment, we free ourselves to experience more love. It's about trusting in the benevolence of the universe and letting go of the old.

Clarity and understanding open us to seeing that person, group or situation is a new light, without dragging around the past and without hanging onto the way it's always been. 

Clarity and understanding open us up to new possibilities within ourselves.  We don't have to think as we have previously thought.  We don't have to act as we have previously done.  We don't have to feel as we have previously felt.

That's liberating.

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