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Breathing is one of the primary signs of life. It is more important to us than almost anything else. If we need proof, we can ask ourselves the question, ‘Which am I willing to go without for an hour – breath, water, sunlight or food?’

Breathing has another significant function. It is a barometer read by our subconscious mind in an ongoing evaluation of our current life situation. When we feel threatened we hold our breath or breathe shallowly. When we feel at peace we breathe fully and slowly.

Full, slow breathing sends a message of serenity to our body even when we are stressed, making it a simple, gentle yet powerful stress management tool.

Simple Breathing Techniques 


One simple breathing technique is to breathe in through the nose and out through the nose, with the outbreath longer than the inbreath.  When the outbreath is longer, it signals the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to relax, release, soften and let go.  It tells the body that it's safe and secure. 


Another simple breathing technique is to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth with a sigh, a deep "ahhhh" sound.  This is a great way to let go of your day, to release the anxiety and stress that you've been carrying around in your body and just let go. 


Another breathing technique is to breathe in through the nose and out through the nose with no pause between the inbreath and outbreath.  This technique is called Conscious Connected Breathing.  As we breathe in, before our lungs are full, we breathe out, and and we breath out before our lungs are empty, we breathe in. It becomes a beautiful cycle. 


As we focus on our breath and oxyegenate our bodies, it's no problem is we have thoughts.  Just visualize and see your thoughts and big white fluffy clouds passing before you in a beautiful blue sky.  We see and acknowledge them and let them go. 


We can practice these breathing techniques anywhere, anytime.  As we make them a part of our lives, we retrain our body to let go of stress and to welcome calm assurance as an ongoing state of being.








This recipe is designed to noursish and pamper your skin.  Taking care of ourselves on the outside, helps to nourish us on the inside. It's a kind way to create more harmony in our lives.


The beauty of this recipe is that it contains coconut oil and essential oils.  Coconut oil is a superior moisturizer.  It's soothing, calming and leaves no greasy residue on the skin. Organic, extra virgin coconut oil is the best.


Essential oils are very therapeutic, and support our overall wellbeing and health.  I prefer Young Living Essential Oils, and can assist you to purchase these oils if you're interested.


Our skin is our largest organ.  What we apply to our skin is absorbed into our body.  It's important to use the highest quality ingredients with no chemical or additives for best results.


6 Tablespoons coconut oil (solidified)
7 – 8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

How to

Put 6 tablespoons of pure, solidified, organic coconut oil into a mixing bowl and whip it for 10 minutes using a hand blender at a low speed.

You need solid coconut oil. Liquid oil won’t work.

When the coconut oil gets light and fluffy, add 7 to 8 drops of Lavender essential oil and whip it for another minute.

Scoop it out and put it in an airtight jar.

Use and enjoy!

To purchase therapeutic grade Lavender (#3575) click here.

Several years ago, I tripped going up the wooden stairs from my garage to my home. The gash was deep into my left shin. I cleansed and soaked it for 5 days without success and the wound became infected.


I went to a western medical clinic and was prescribed antibiotics. The first round did not work; my wound showed no improvement. I returned to the clinic and was given a second antibiotic, and it didn’t work either.


  • At this point, I contacted a friend of mine in Perth, Australia who is both a western medical doctor and holistic doctor by training. She suggested that I purchase Manuka Honey (preferably one from New Zealand) and apply it to the wound twice a day. I also decided to take a teaspoon internally. The results were miraculous and healing began immediately.


I learned that Manuka Honey literally destroys bacteria. Government certified Manuka comes in various grades or potencies. You can buy the honey online or at health food stores.


The top ten uses for Manuka Honey are:

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

Low Stomach Acid & Acid Reflux

Acne & Eczema

Staph Infections (i.e. antibiotic resistant bacteria)

Burns, Wounds & Ulcers

Tooth Decay & Gingivitis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Sore Throats & Immunity

Allergies & Sinusitis


I was amazed that the antibiotics had absolutely no effect and wanted to find out why. Here’s what I discovered: We are unknowingly being pumped with antibiotics.


When we eat out, if the fish is farm-raised it’s probably been pumped with antibiotics. If we eat dishes with milk products that are not organic, they are likely from cows pumped with antibiotics. The same holds true if we eat beef, pork or chicken, all fed or given antibiotics.  Even if you only go to ‘nice’ restaurants, chances are you are been fed antibiotics, unless they only use organic milk products, meat, pork and chicken and don’t buy farm-raised fish.


If we don’t buy organic foods and beverages, we are likely consuming antibiotics every day.  This is sobering and alarming that our government supports a corrupt food system, as it puts us all at risk. No wonder so many people are resistant to antibiotics.  It's important to stay up-to-date in the many ways we can take care of our health.

Instead of spending lots of money on products that may not even work for our skin, we can make a natural cream at home with only two ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).


Coconut oil and baking soda are highly effective in soothing, nurturing, cleansing, balancing, moisturizing and healing our skin! 

Our largest organ is the skin. Why use skin care products with chemicals and additives that are directly absorbed into our bodies? 

When mixed together, coconut oil and baking soda work very well in treating acne, redness, scarring and removing excess dirt, oil and exfoliating dead skin off. 

For more sensitive skin, use at least a 2:1 ratio of coconut oil to baking soda.  For more of an exfoliator, use a 1:1 ratio.

Just mix the ingredients together and apply to your skin, wet or dry. 

Either leave it on as a mask for a few minutes for a deep conditioning treatment or wash it off with warm water using gentle circular motions.

For an overall body moisturizer, apply coconut oil (only) directly to the skin and eat a tablespoon of it every day.  Coconut oil is the good kind of fat, and can help to regulate our body weight too.

Our bodies weren’t meant to eat frozen dinners, canned spaghetti or processed cheese.  We are filling ourselves with inflammatory food-like products that make us sick, fat and depressed.

Here’s a simple list of what to avoid and delicious substitutions that you will enjoy. Some items like highly processed oils are in many things. Read the labels or simply eat whole foods.

Delete:                                              Enjoy instead:                       
Processed sugar Raw honey, organic grade B maple syrup, stevia and fruit
Sodium or table salt  Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt 
Wheat flour Almond flour, coconut flour 
High processed oils - vegeatble, canola, safflower, partially hydrogenated High quality omega 3 & 6 oils - extra virgin coconut oil, olive oils, hemp seed, chia seeds, avocados and avocado oils
Cow dairy Goat or sheep dairy. The molecular make-up of the sheep and goat dairy is more easily digested in the human body. Also, cows are typically fed genetically modified corn and soy, which creates inflammation in cows and is then passed onto us.
Alcohol Bubbly water, herbal tea and cold-pressed juices

These changes can make a huge difference in how we look and feel. It’s easier to be our ideal weight when we eat right. Good eating habits invite good health.

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