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Why do we beat ourselves up?

We are never going to be perfect.  We have and will probably continue to make mistakes.

And regarding this . . .

I am finding something on my own personal journey that’s amazing.

There are bits of me as a mom, daughter and wife (for example) that I have never loved.  I locked them away as bad and froze them in time.

I avoided and denied that they existed because I was a good person.

What I have found is that those trashed bits don’t go away.  They fester and pop up if not dealt with.

And the cool thing I’ve discovered is that the cure is simple.

It’s all about acknowledgment, dropping the judgment and love.

When we acknowledge these bits and stop judging them (really stop judging them, not just say we are) and when we sit with them in acceptance and love, magic happens.

It’s like pulling up a chair and sitting next to a crying child or upset teenager.  They may not want you to touch them or even speak, but your very presence helps.

Maybe it’s the first time this bit of us has been loved.  How cruel and arrogant of us to banish bits of ourselves from love.

When we do so, we teach our children that bits of them are unlovable and unredeemable as well.  Children pick up on these things, even if the words are never spoken. They feel them in us, and may be confused by our words that don’t match up.

Healing in this way is simple and profound. 

Sometimes the easiest way forward is about love, and loving ourselves (all of our selves) unconditionally is profound.