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I love tiny homes and have even joined several 'Tiny Homes' Facebook groups.

Touring room by room through tiny homes inspires me and touches my heart.

Designing, building or living in a tiny home takes creative problem solving: How to scale everything down to the bare essentials for economical and flexible living. Actually, it’s a lot more.

Tiny homes can be mobile, energy efficient, green and located in the most beautiful places. 

It feels like the creators and designers of tiny homes tap into their inner knowing and create a small living area that suits a more pared down and idealic way of life.

The tiny homes mirror their owners like our dogs, cats and horses mirror us.

Creators and designers of tiny homes seem to be genuinely curious with a love of exploring, finding interesting solutions and discovering new ways of being.

When you live in a tiny home you strip living down to the bare essentials, to the core of what your really need, and that appeals to me.

How would it be to get to the core of what we really need, and be happy and fulfilled with that? Maybe tiny homeowners don’t walk away from their old possessions.

Maybe they walk away with a whole lot more.