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We are never too old to try something new. I

  • put on skis in my 30's
  • tried yoga in my 40's, and
  • started painting in my 50's

I thought I would never enjoy going down a mountain with no handrails.  I was wrong.  Something happens when you persevere, choose to do your best and start by following excellent (and kind) instructors down slippery unknown terrain.

I thought I would never enjoy anything as much as running after my body was injured and in constant pain from overuse.  I was wrong.  I learned to breathe, stretch and strengthen my body in a new way.  I gained a community of friends who enjoy taking care of themselves on many levels.

I thought I didn’t have a talented bone in my body.  I was wrong.  Something happens to you when you have a wonderful teacher and allow yourself to fall in love with what you are painting.  I learned that with practice, talent can blossom and grow in quite unexpected, amazing ways.

Painting has opened my eyes to beauty, appreciating colors, hues and shadows.  Wondering whether this photo or that will make a good subject for my next endeavor.

It’s never too late to expand our horizons.

Winston Churchill wrote a wonderful book about painting, called Painting as a Pastime, in which he poetically describes a hobby that lifted him from depression and rewarded a nation with a treasure trove of work.

Art Therapy has helped many suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Being part of a creative process and making something which you and others can enjoy is healing for the mind, body and soul.

Give something new a try.  You might be surprised by how much fun you have and what you learn and create in the process.

Life can be an adventure, no matter how heavy things feel in any moment.  There is always the next breath and another vista if we are open to new possibilities.

We are never too old . . . unless we choose to be.