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I am balanced and centered in the midst of 'life happening'

Much has been written and shared about meditation and mindfulness. They are the 'catch words' of our generation.  Speaking about quieting the mind and being centered is not the same as living it.

Why is meditation important? 

Mediation is important to calmly focus on what needs to be done and enjoy the process.  Meditation is vital to creativity, inspiration and innovation.

Meditation is many things.  It's not necessarily sitting with our legs crossed on the floor and repeating a mantra (positive words or phrases). We can meditate while running, walking, washing dishes, eating lunch, listening to music, dancing and so on. 

Meditation can be a way of life, a way of being fully present in everything we do. It's not about worrying about what's 'on our plate', what's going on in the lives of friends and family or what's happening in the world.  It's not about being anxious about the future or romanticizing or being remorseful about the past.

Meditation is about breathing deeply so that our flight-or-fight response drops away.  It's about learning to respond with calm assurance to whatever crises or deadline presents.  Meditation is not about allowing someone else's fears to become our own.  Meditation is about learning how to be that still, calm space known as 'the eye of the storm' and to live a life of gratitude, wonder and joy.

Meditation and mindfulness are close friends.

Mindfulness is about being fully present here now in each moment.  Meditation helps us to be mindful.

We may think we are being present but often we are not. 

Being fully present is about listening without thinking about what we are going to say next.  Being fully present is about enjoying the moment we are experiencing, and not getting caught up in emotional dramas or mental commentary.   

MIndfulness is about appreciating life, not living for our next holiday or wanting to be anyone else. It is about accepting who we are and where we are at. 

Meditation and mindfulness helps us to be grateful and appreciate what we already have.  Gratitude and appreciation are the foundation for positive transition and change. 

Meditation and mindfulness provide us with the tools for being calm and clear in the face of adversity, conflict and stress.

Meditation and mindfulness help us to create the change we wish to see in business, life and the world