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Increase your resiliency, productivity & ability to enjoy and appreciate life.



Do you feel tired and drained because of your personal and professional responsibilities, because of the challenges and difficulties of day-to-day life?



Do you take on stress from the people around you, the ones you love, the ones you work with; from casual interactions; from environmental impacts like the international, national and local news?


Energetic Self-Care can change the way you experience life. It can increase your resiliency and productivity.



Energetic Self-Care is a set of practices which helps you to remain in a state of inner calm regardless of what’s going on around you.



Just as you shower, clean your teeth and wear clean clothes each day so your physical self is presented as clean and civilized, you also need to clean, clear and protect your energy system.



You walk around in your energy system all day every day, you sleep in it, you live in it. It’s always with you. And it takes on all the energy, negativity and projections of everyone and everything around you if you don’t clean and clear it regularly.




Learn to protect yourself from toxic people and situations!


 high ethical standing



I know the difference Energetic Self-Care can make. . . as an attorney, coach, mentor, mother and individual living in these difficult and challenging times.





Energetic Self-Care gave me the skills and tools I needed to protect me from toxic people and situations, remove toxic energy from my system and protect myself on an ongoing basis.




And, it can do the same for you!




You will learn everything you need to know about the principals, benefits and application of Energetic Self-Care so that you can use it right away.




It’s easy to understand and essential to your health and wellbeing!






Negativity and Stress are rampant in the world today.  

Learn how to protect yourself and feel more calm and relaxed today!





So now what?


Contact Arlene about scheduling an Energetic Self-Care presentation

or series of classes for your company, team, group or organization.


This is a FREE Introductory Call to discuss your needs and what might work best for you.


+1 720.963.2634 (text)   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











 Arlene is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.





Arlene has an A-V Rating With Martindale Hubbell

"An AV Rating shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence.

He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity."


high ethical standing 




Arlene is a Senior Tutor, Coach & Mentor at the Global Coaching Academy

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 Arlene is a Certified Meditation Facilitator through Refresh Yoga


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