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Explore | Identify | Clarify | Release Fear | Motivate Visualize | Self-Empower from the Heart

These sessions are for whatever topic or topics you would like to work on; business or personal. You set your agenda. Get the help you need throughout the entire year.

Some topics might be: where to now in your business, job or career, exploring ways to experience more success, getting off the ground and marketing something you feel inspired to do, completing a project that’s stalled or moving forward too slowly, creating a work-life balance that feels rights to you, acknowledging and releasing the fears that stop you from doing what you want to do.

Use all at once or spread out these sessions over a full years’ time. You set your course and keep correcting it during our time together; you know what you are aligning to or moving towards and continually make adjustments as you change and grow during the coaching process.  

Here’s what you get per session:

  • A full sixty minutes of my undivided attention
  • A pre-call email so that we can get straight to the point on the call 
  • A post-call email for affirmation, encouragement, helping you to continue making gains courageously
  • A recorded call of your sessions for future reference (Your private property)
  • Several resources or tools to support you on your journey and tailored to meet you needs