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My clients hire me to help them create the life they desire because they are ready for positive, sustainable change.

So, I help them work deeply to the heart of their projects, dreams and goals and find their own solutions first,

and then share a tool box of useful resources to support their ongoing personal development and professional growth.





Coaching with Arlene has been a fantastic experience!








Do you handle difficult & demanding cases, face constant deadlines & demanding clients,

partners, colleagues, opposing counsel & judges?






Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted


There’s deadlines, expectations, projects, clients, other attorneys, judges, the court system, plus all of the duties and responsibilities you have with your family and home.


It’s not that you don’t know what you’re doing.


You do.


You’re a highly skilled and very competent attorney. . . and a compassionate, kind human being.


And thus far you’ve managed to power through


but something’s changed.





Are you worried that you’re going to burn out?

Are your stress levels impacting your family and your health?

 high ethical standing



I was once there too.


I was regularly dealing with a few obnoxious lawyers who were polluting the legal system for the rest of us, and judges who would not stand up to them.


It was an incredibly toxic environment.


I was angry and frustrated and falling apart.


I kept thinking, “I can’t take this anymore. This is giving me an ulcer!”


The straw that broke the camel’s back was when an alcoholic client filed a grievance against me.


I represented her in a hotly contested case in which she imploded and turned to the bottle after years of abstinence.


The grievance was ultimately dismissed, but it was a costly, time-consuming, life-changing experience.


That’s when I knew I had to do something different because I was no longer enjoying the practice of law.


I guess I had to hit the rock bottom to make some changes in my life, and I did.


Through trial and error and choosing the new, I found a way to practice law that suited me, that worked, and that honored who I am and what really matters.


I found a way to create more harmony in my law practice and more balance in my life . . . and you can too.




You can choose how you work and live, too.





The demanding work and the deadlines are never going to go away, but you can find a way to handle them in a way that feels good to you.


You can bring more contentment and joy into your life, knowing that you are actually making a difference . . . without compromising your integrity, sanity or your time with the people that matter to you most.  



and  . . .


To help you right now, here's Two Golden Keys that helped me turn my life around ( . . . and there are more!) . . . plus one of my leadership videos so you can do something right now to transform how you experience life . . .




Take Your Stress Down a Notch NOW: 2 Golden Keys





Find ways to set priorities and get things done in a way that works for you!






 . . . and if you are wondering . . .




Why I've created a special coaching section for WOMEN LAWYERS, like you? 



Because after more than 25 years in the practice of law,


first as a single parent and solo practitioner and later as a law partner with step children,


after more than 15 years of marketing a law firm and serving in a myriad of leadership roles in a national commercial law organization. . .


I feel and know the challenges and demands that you are facing


of practicing law, managing a caseload and all the other duties and responsibilities of your practice


while handling the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of home. and family life


It's a lot.  


For years I resisted the idea of working with my peers,


competent, amazing lawyers like you,


in a coaching or mentoring capacity.


While at the same time knowing that giving back in this capacity is part of what I am here to do.


So, with that in mind, I created a special website section for WOMEN LAWYERS.


As I humbly offer my services, expertise and years of on-the-ground knowlege and experience to you.








Now what?

 Contact me for your Free Introductory Call


+1 720.963.2634 (text)     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 






Arlene is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.





Arlene has an A-V Rating With Martindale Hubbell

"An AV Rating shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence.

He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity."


high ethical standing 



Arlene is a Senior Tutor, Coach & Mentor at the Global Coaching Academy

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Testimonials & Character References from Attorney Colleagues




I thoroughly enjoyed working with Arlene.


She is warm and friendly and built trust with me.


I felt I could open up to her without her judging me.


She pushed me when I needed to be pushed but not in a confronting way that made me feel overly uncomfortable. 


I liked her frequent acknowledgements about what I was saying and how she kept upbeat irrespective of what we were discussing.

Yvonne McLean, PCC Coach, United Kingdom Barrister and Solicitor



angela armstrong

I found Arlene to be a compassionate, gentle and encouraging coach.


She skillfully invited me to explore my emotions, and struck a lovely balance between questioning and giving me the freedom to flow when ideas were coming to me.


I am thankful for her reflections and encouraging me to celebrate and acknowledge my progress.


Ultimately I feel confident about the professional decisions made whilst we were working together and I am committed to continuing the bold steps to make it a reality.

Angela Armstrong, PCC, BSc, PhD, MBA, Leadership Coach, England




Arlene will make you think through your coachable moment and provide solid support while you consider your options.


She is respectful and forthright.


I would consider Arlene as your coach if you need help with a complex issue as she asks piercing and thoughtful questions that will move you forward.

Margot Halstead, PCC Coach, Washington, D.C., Talent Management at Northrup Grumann




Arlene brings a loving ability to move me to core issues and then helps open strategy paths in my projects.


Sometimes, as a leader, I am so involved in the day-to-day or even my vision or organisations vision.


Arlene can see that too, yet she sees higher clearer practical paths forward and it makes things seem simple to improve again.


I feel invigoration stream through my projects ( both business and charity) after a session with Arlene.


I really recommend her as a personal, business and professional coach-- she has an ability to wrap and weave those into one session too! 

Patti McBain, Founder, Transgenesis School of Yoga and Meditation, Perth, Australia




Arlene brings a rich skillset to all she does.


I had the privilege to work with Arlene strengthening the leadership of a NonForProfit.


Arlene supported us to focus on our valves and how to best achieve them.


Arlene brings a clarity of vision and a wealth of experience combined with a loving heart that promotes the best outcome for all with sound practical applications.


I highly recommend Arlene as a coach, mentor and consultant. 

Julie Skinner, RN, PCC, Author "Nursing by Heart", Clinical Supervisor, Mentor, Facilitator, Director CoreTrue




I love working with Arlene.


She has an ability to work deeply to the heart of any matter and assist people to find their own solutions first, while also having a tool box of useful resources.


Arlene has a strong ethical approach, a solid grounding in coaching and mentoring and a desire to help her clients flourish.


I've worked with Arlene for many years now.


She is a popular part of my team which handles my coaches and mentors who come from all levels of life - from moms and dads, creative individuals right up to top level executives and she has the ability to adapt to their needs and style of working producing insights and many 'ah hah' moments.


I am grateful to have Arlene working with us in a consulting, tutoring, mentoring and coaching capacity.


My only wish is that she was also an attorney in Australia so we could use those services here!

Belinda Baillie, PCC, Founder, Global Coaching Academy, Training for out of the ordinary coaches, mentors and interpersonal facilitators




Arlene possesses to a very high degree the capacity for sensing into the nature of her client's internal conflict, an internal self-limitation that the client can be oblivious to.  


Because Arlene is so unconditional in how she relates to her clients, I can say from personal experience, that Arlene is disarming of one's tendency to want to hide the deeply personal issue at hand.


One feels more at ease in bringing such embarrassments to light.


Finally, Arlene has an amazing way of guiding her client through the dismantling of the issue so that it no longer has the dis-empowering force that it once had.  


Arlene truly provides the atmosphere as well as the guidance for setting one free from the psychological "ties that bind."


I could not possibly recommend anyone any more highly than Arlene!  Safe, warm, and highly effective. That's Arlene :-)

Dr. Miles A Moody, Boone, North Carolina, USA




I have known Arlene for 7 years now and have had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by her and also took one of her courses. 


Arlene is a very powerful coach and mentor.


She cuts right to the truth but in an extremely compassionate way which had really helped me to get many realizations in a short amount of time and integrate them. 


She is also excellent at holding you to account and has a strong sense of ethics which has been a "True North" for me.


She also is extremely courageous which has inspired my own courage.


If I am struggling with something, she picks up on it intuitively and shares how she overcame a similar experience with humility and compassion from a non-judgemental space which really helps me to feel heard and honored....and greeted with a Namaste experience. 


I love and respect her deeply not only as a fellow professional woman, but more importantly as a fellow traveller on a hero's journey.


She holds an amazing space of transformation which can be felt immediately when working with her physically or over the phone. 


She is compassionate, highly intuitive, loving, passionate, dynamic, courageous, and inspiring


She always brings out the best in others in every interaction and moves things forwards and helps to catalyze shifts very quickly.


She does not let you get away with things either! 



I am honored to know her and recommend her highly to anyone wanting her to work with her in any capacity, from coaching, mentoring, intuitive work or leadership/business coaching.

Indra Keliuotis, MBA , ACC   Transformational Coach and Mentor



Character References



I have known Arlene Miller for in excess of twenty years.


We are fellow members of the Commecial Law League of America (CLLA).  Arlene has excelled in a number of leadership roles within the CLLA. 


I have also worked with her on a professional basis.  She is an excellent attorney with a fine attention to details. 


Arlene's character, both on a professional and personal basis, is above reproach


She exhibits the highest degree of ethical behavior and is a credit to the legal profession. 


Above all, she is a fine human being.

David R. Gamache, Partner, Gamache & Myers, P.C., St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Past President of the CLLA




I have known Arlene Cohen Miller for approximately twenty years, both professionally and socially. 


We were colleagues in the Commercial Law League of America, a trade group of attorneys and laymen who specialize in creditor's rights and bankruptcy law. 


Arlene was an active participant, contributing to marketing activities, organizing meetings and groups, as well as conducting educational seminars.


In addition, Arlene and I have shared clients and referred legal cases to each other. 


In all instances, Arlene has demonstrated a high standard of legal excellence, timeliness of work, and ethics


I trust my clients with her legal skills. 


Finally, she is a considerate and thoughtful friend, with a solid moral grounding

Sidney S. Friedman, Parther, Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman , P.A., Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Past President of the CLLA



StevenHarms 1

I am very pleased to report that I've known Arlene Cohen Miller for a number of years now and that she does epitomize the highest in professional standards


Not only is Arlene an excellent lawyer (we have worked a number of cases together), she is also a good administrator and organizer


For example, she asked me to speak at West Coast Commercial Law League meetings on several occasions and I was totally impressed with the way the meeting was so well organized, relevant, and fun.  


These meeting were organized by Arlene. 


On a personal level, Arlene is always determined and is able to deal with challenges and issues with intelligence and quick wit.

Steven A. Harms, Partner, Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C., Birmingham, Michigan, USA




Arlene Cohen MIller has been a a colleague of mine for many years. 


I met Arlene at a Commercial Law League of America ("CLLA") conference. 


At first it seemed our only connection was that we were each commercial litigators and women practicing law in a predominantly male environment.  We were running parallel tracts in the CLLA.  Arlene was most active int he Creditors' Rights Section and the Western District of the CLLA. I was most active in the Bankruptcy Section and the Eastern District.



Through the years, Arlene proved herself to be a valuable asset to the CLLA, and in particular tot he Western District of the CLLA.  Arlene, almost single-handedly, revamped the annual Western District meeting into a 1 1/2 day program packed with education and networking opportunities.



Arlene has served on the Executive Council of the Creditors' Rights Section of the CLLA, culminating as Chair of the Section.  Thereafter, she served as Creditors' Rights Section Representative on the Board of Governors. 


Ms. Miller also served on the Executive Council of the Western District, culminating in Chair of the District.  Her tireless participation on committees has shown her to be an industrious and hard worker with a tremendous amount of energy and dedication to whatever task is put before her.


The list of committess on which Arlne has served is quite long and includes the National Marketing Committee, the CRS Promotion and Development Committee, the Diversity Commitee and the National Membership Committee. 


I cannot recall a National Conference of the CLLA at which I did not see Arlene in attendance.


During the time I served as President of the CLLA, I have the opportunity to work closely with Arlene as she put together another successful Western District meeting. 


But for Arlene's diligence, details of the conference would have been lost.  She was the watchful overseer making sure everything got done that needed doing, in particular urging the League office and me to negotiate with the hotel to obtain the best possible meeting site fo the conference.


As Past President, I had the privilege of serving on the President's Cup Committee.


The President's Cup is the most prestigious award given by the CLLA.  The President's Cup is awarded to a CLLA Member who has rendered outstanding service on behalf of or for the benefit of the League and its membership. 


The attributes which are sought for this award recipient include a substantial contribution to the improvement of the standards and practice of commercial law, or of the business activities of the lay members of the League. 


The award recipient must have encouraged an honorable course of dealing among her professional colleagues and, in doing so, materially furthered the objectives of the Commercial Law League of America as well as conducted her personal, business and professional life in accordance with such high ethical, moral and civic responsibilities as to commend the recognition and respect of her community. 


Arlene Cohen Miller was most deserving and was awarded the CLLA President's Cup at the CLLA Annual Conference.  Whatever job Arlene seeks to do is performed with diligence, excellence and her full participation and concentration.

Wanda Borges, Partner, Borges & Associates, LLC, Syosset, New York, USA, Past President of the CLL

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