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Breathing slowly and deeply changes your body chemistry.

It helps you to relax, feel optimistic and refreshed, able to handle what life presents.  It helps you to stop feeling anxious, frustrated, angry and depressed.

When you feel anxious or stressed for ANY reason, you take short, shallow breaths in your upper chest . . . and this leads to fight or flight response.  More anxiety and fear, more body tension and physical complaints.

Shallow breathing is an automatic response unless you train yourself differently.  That's why it's so important to learn how to breathe in a way that supports your immune system, reduces stress and opens the blood flow in your body so you are receiving lots of nutrient-rich support.

This free mini-course is an introduction to two breathing techniques to do just that!

Practice them every day, while driving your car, listening to others talk, writing a report and so on . . . no one will notice.

Your breathing can be a quiet, self-contained process that rewires how you experience life.

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