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Relating From The Heart 2 helps you to take your communication skills up to the next level, boosting your confidence and giving you the hands on experience to really understand and apply in your professional and personal life the skills and tools that positively impact and influence those around you.  It actually helps you to heal and harmonize the relationships that matter to you most.

You will learn much more about active listening, being genuinely curious, holding presence and asking empowering questions.  And, you will be given lots of opportunites to practice these skills.

You will learn much more about establishing and building rapport with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. And, you will learn how to let go of what's been holding you back or getting in your way when relating with others.

You will learn much more about how listening to and understanding others helps others to relate with you.  You will learn more about how to deal with all kinds of people, even those who can be difficult and demanding.  You will learn about finding solutions without compromising your integrity.  You will learn about reaching agreements while respecting your bottom line.

You will learn by doing, visualizing, engaging in introspective activities, removing negative influences and learning how to be more balanced and centered no matter what's happening around you!

Specifically, you will be

  • Playing with communication exercises
  • Exploring your inner landscape to become more self-aware and discerning
  • Becoming aware of underlying motivations and agendas so that change is possible
  • Learning to hold a space of compassion so that new outcomes are possible

Relating From The Heart 2 is an intensive exploration into creating healthy and harmonious relationships, professional, social and personal. It's about finding ways to respond to the world, instead of react, and learning to be centered and calm regardless of what is happening around you,