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Negotiation From The Heart ™ combines negotiation and mediation skills with heart-based techniques of communication and marketing to help you be more successful in everything you do.

It is about developing your innate ability to listen and be fully present from a calm, centered space, helping you to tranform how you live, work and play.

You will learn how to effectively communicate and relate with people from all walks of life in a myriad of situations.

You will learn how to

  • apply the golden keys of negotiating for success
  • recognize and address the wants, needs and desires of others
  • deal with challenging people and situations
  • create win-win solutions with clarity, confidence and compassion

You will learn how to build healthy and harmonious relationships with yourself and others so that life is more enjoyable and business is more profitable.

Negotiating From the Heart is ideal if you want to increase productivity, profitability and workplace harmony . . . if you want to take the stress and anxiety out of dealing with others.