Thursday, 26th of April 2018

Thursday, 26th of April 2018

Laughter can be incredibly healing; we feel lighter, freer and more able to do our jobs; we feel more able to positively connect and work with the people around us.

Laughter helps us to not take ourselves so seriously, and that's a big plus in the business world.

When we lighten up, we free up our creativity and innovative spirit. We are more likely to come up with new ideas that help our organization be more profitable.

We are more likely to be a productive and valued member of our division, group or team.

Laughter and developing and nurturing a positive sense of humor helps to deflect stress and the ever-increasing demands of business life.

This free mini-course is an introduction to benefits of laughter.  Use it to nurture your sense of humor. 

Find something that gives you a chuckle or, better yet, inspires a deep, heartfelt belly laugh each and every day.

Seriously, laughter is a great release and has been scientifically documented to relief stress and boost our immune system so we experience greater health.

Laugh more, complain less. What have you got to. loose?

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