Saturday, 18th of August 2018

Saturday, 18th of August 2018

Distance Healing allows you to share your questions, thoughts and concerns in a supportive, confidential space, a space where they are respectfully discussed and dealt with, a space that supports you to let go of what's not working and re-choose what feels right to you.

You will receive guidance and be given the tools to help you move forward . . . so you can feel more calm and self-assured, more hopeful and content.

The focus of your Distance Healing Session is completely up to you.  Just come with an open mind and a desire to see things more clearly ... and allow the magic to happen.

Sessions are conducted by phone, Skype or Zoom.


Distance healing can help you 
Let go of what’s not working for you Be loving, kind & compassionate
Move forward & do what needs to be done Experience a renewed sense of hope & purpose
Create the abundance you deserve  Feel confident & at peace


Arlene's sessions are always a deep and profound experience for me.  She starts by leading me into a very quiet and relaxed place within myself. Then she expounds upon what I am working on in that session.  Today, for example, I asked for clarity about which direction to go in the next year with my work and how I can best share it with the world. The direction I received was very clear. Arlene's work is a gift. Thank you, Arlene!

Kelsie Kenefick, MPS, CBT, LMHC, Boulder, Colorado


So now what?

This is where we work together and make things happen for you, helping you to heal from the inside out. Using my expertise, experience and knowledge, following my own inner guidance system and helping you tune into yours, you can get exactly what you need.

Connect with me and let see what's going for you.  Our conversation is free – no strings attached. 

+ 1 720 936 2634 (text)   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Distance Healing is not counseling or consulting .

Disclaimer: This information is not medical advice. Anyone with a health condition should seek advice from their doctor.