Saturday, 18th of August 2018

Saturday, 18th of August 2018

A Crystal Healing Session will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed.  It helps you to create positive, lasting change. 

Crystal Healing helps you to release energy blockages and allows your entire systems to function more efficiently and smoothly.  You can feel more fully present, confident, relaxed and able to handle the pressures of work and life.

Sessions are conducted on a massage table, fully clothed and last 50 minutes.  Sessions must be in person. 


Crystal Healing can help you 
Sleep better Feel peaceful & content
Improve your romantic life Improve your relationships 
Feel vibrant & balanced Realize your dreams 
Actualize your goals Create more abundance
Improve your intuition  Reduce or eliminate pain
Restore your body to optimum health          Release negative thoughts & feelings


I met Arlene several years ago in Bikram yoga and have enjoyed her peaceful, focused presence in our classes. Recently I attended two crystal healing-chakra balancing sessions with her. Both were very profound and unique experiences for me. Arlene started by helping me completely relax using visualization and guided me to focus on love and above feelings. Somehow she zeroed in on blockages where I needed help.The first time was energy clearing that left me feeling light and peaceful.  The second time was physical healing that helped me clear congestion and loosen my hip pain.I don’t know how Arlene does these healings, but I believe she has a gift that helps people heal. And she does this from a space of peace, love, and support. She’s amazing!

Cindy Wilson, AT&T Senior Technical Director, Longmont, CO



Arlene is such an inspiration.  She's a beautiful, loving, caring person who is sharing her gift with us! Her crystal healing-chakra balancing sessions are amazing, and each one is different. I always let Arlene do what she "feels" I need during the session, without asking for any specific healing. I am never disappointed, and I always walk away with a different area of healing and a new awareness of myself.  Thank you Arlene!

Sharon Lafferty, Database Administrator, Longmont ,Colorado



I learned about Arlene and her crystal healing-chakra balancing work from a mutual friend and patient of mine a few months ago.  I was told she had "something special" to offer.  Always the skeptic, I thought I'd try a session to check it out and decide if it was something that might benefit my patients.  After 30 years as a practicing chiropractor, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with many therapists in the healing arts...some talented and others...not so much.  From my initial session with Arlene, I was convinced that she did in fact have something special to offer!  I left feeling a sense of lightness and well being that I hadn't experienced in a very long time.  I continue to see Arlene personally for sessions on a regular basis and have benefited greatly! I have referred patients to her and will continue to do so as she truly is a confident, intuitive and gifted healer!

Dr. David M Grace, DC, Longmont, Colorado 


So now what?

This is where we work together and make things happen for you, helping you to heal from the inside out. Using my expertise, experience and knowledge, following my own inner guidance system and helping you tune into yours, you can get exactly what you need.

Connect with me and let see what's going for you.  Our conversation is free – no strings attached. 

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Disclaimer: This information is not medical advice. Anyone with a health condition should seek advice from their doctor.