Thursday, 21st of September 2017

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

Thoughts are things.  What we focus on is what we get more of in our lives. 

I love the quote, "Worrying is praying for what we don't want to happen."

Thoughts are powerful things when mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire.

Many people want to be rich and successful. Many people have hopes and dreams of bringing something wondrous to the world, something that uplifts and transforms lives. 

But, how many people translate their dreams, goals, wishes and desires into something successful and concrete on the ground? 

Many people get fired up, then burn out.  Others buy into the fears and doubts of others.  Some question their own ability to make magic happen.

The world we live in is often unsupportive of creative, innovative change. We can change that with every positive thought and feeling we put into action.  We can change the world one step at a time with persistence, self-determination and a burning desire to succeed. 

Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, provides us with the tools for making this happen.

Napoleon Hill methodically and systematically shares the keys for success.  Don't be fooled by the title.  The book is about making our aspirations, dreams and goals a reality.  It's not just about financial success.  It's about embracing a new way of living and enjoying life that opens doors and helps us to make a real difference in the world, starting with our own internal reality.

Some people believe that Think and Grow Rich is too materialistic and self-centered, with its emphasis on self-reliance, personal achievement and getting ahead in the world. 

Hill's philosophy is actually very altruistic at heart.  In 1921, Hill began publishing a Napoleon Hill's Magazine:  A National Monthly Magazine of Business Philosophy

Decades before the civil rights or women's movement would begin, Hill's editorial policy was as follows:

" . . .The sole object in publishing this magazine is to bring men and women together in the spirit of closer co-operation, regardless of race or creed, and cause them to realize the award which awaits all who place principle above the dollar and humanity above the individual; to inspire those who have not yet 'arrived' and help them to realize that the rainbow's end can be found only by the pathway which leads through the field of useful service; to teach men and women the uselessness and folly of hatred and envy and intolerance; to bring men to realize that success lies not so much in owning property as in rendering service which helps to ameliorate the hardships of humantly and deposits something to the credit of posterity; to find the secret doorway to it's readers' hearts and plant wholesome thougths where destructive ones existed before. . ."

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill comes with my highest and heartful recommendation. Read and apply the tools, attitudes and ways of being detailed by Hill in the humanitarian and altruistic spirit it was intended.











Many people have read Think and Grow Rich and remain unchanged. It takes time and commitment to integrate and actualize all the skills and tools that Napoleon Hill generously provides.