Thursday, 21st of September 2017

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

It is the giving that we receive and in the receiving that we open to new possibilities and potentials for abundance and success.

It's easy to buy into the fear and negativity around us that is designed to keep us small. It's not the truth.

I am passionate about helping others feel, see, know and implement the truth that anything is possible. 

I believe . . .

I believe that we can either choose fear or love, and that fear, doubt and disbelief keep us disempowered and small, and that with love we can move mountains.

I believe in the power of love, and that the greatest gift we can give to the world (and ones within our sphere of influence) is to be powerfully loving, to support them to be and do their best without any preconceived ideas or expectations of how that might look on the ground. 

I believe that great leaders . . .

I believe that great leaders are motivated by love, that they instill trust and cooperation in those who work for and with them. 

I believe that great leaders foster a feeling of belonging and safety in those working under their guidance and care. 

I believe that great leaders provide opportunities for learning and growth and help to build self-confidence in others.  In the presence of a great leader, people feel that they can do anything, that anything is possible.

I believe that great leaders give others the opportunity to fail.  They understand that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, and that any disaster can be turned into a blessing, and so encourage others to do and be their best.

I believe that great leaders inspire loyalty and trust. They create mutually supportive, nurturing environments that encourage harmony and 'the spirit of selfless giving'.  They freely give of themselves and naturally encourage others to do the same.  Anything that they ask of others, they are willing to do and have done themselves.

If you are a person that likes . . .

If you are a person that likes giving to others and bringing great products and services to the world, ones that are innovative, creative and 'get results', ones that are environmentally friendly, ones that help others help themselves, ones that helps groups, cities and states experience more harmony and positive growth, ones that help families and communities take care of themselves, and so forth, then please read on.

The skills and tools we bring to you . . .

As an executive and results coach, I have found three areas of expertise (See Qualifications & Experience) which help my clients create new, more expansive and abundant realities for themselves, their companies, businesses, organizations and groups, namely: 

  • Negotiation, communication and relationship tools and skills for harmonizing all interactiions
  • Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich" tools and skills for actualizing abundance, contentment and success
  • Meditation and mindfulness tools and skills for calm assurance and 'being in the zone' at work, home and play

These tools ands skills may sound familiar and evoke the response of "I know that."  Knowing something in our minds is not the same as knowing something in our hearts.  When the tools become a part of who we are, lasting, positive change is possible.  That's when 'the magic' happens.

Behind every successful business, enterprise, group, organization and individual are mentors and coaches who know how to lead and inspire them to be their best and to manifest the change on the ground that is needed for positive results.

This involves letting go of the way things have always been done, being open to new ways of interacting and communicating with self and others, exploring and creating new pathways for projects and goals, and being open to continually evaluating what works and what does not.

Success is not stagnant. It's a constantly evolving and transformational process.  At Jewel Consultancy, we help our clients to initiate, actualize and maintain that process for the highest good of all concerned. 



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