Thursday, 21st of June 2018

Thursday, 21st of June 2018

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My passion is to support women leaders in their unique journeys . . . to help women like you create the life that they desire, both personally & professionally, the life that lights them up and makes their heart sing.


You probably want to find a coach that has been where you’ve been, that knows your pain, that knows your journey. You probably want to find someone who can support you on your journey. Someone who is compassionate, that you can trust not to judge you, who lifts you up and understands your current challenges.

My guess is that you are at a crossroads and want to make some decisions, or, maybe you’re fed up with the way life and work is going, feeling that enough is enough, that something has got to give, something has got to change. You may not know what it is, but you know you cannot continue like this anymore; and I get it, I know what you're feeling, because I was there . . . and suffered a massive burnout!

While I was still a partner in a successful law firm (we sold it in 2013), I decided to become a certified, professional coach. It took me three years to get there and sign up for the year-long training. To be honest, I was pretty arrogant. I had two degrees and thought I didn’t need any more. I was so wrong. Coaching became my passion.

As an attorney, I negotiated settlements and brokered deals all the time. I managed national business meetings and helped clients make money. But, after 20 plus years, I didn’t feel like I was thriving or feeling joyful in my law practice.  I was just to the place where I didn’t enjoy it any more. I was burnt out and dissatisfied with my life.

I don’t want you to get to where I was. I want to help you before you burn out.

Before we go any further, I want to give something to you . . . Two Golden Keys that helped me to turn my life around (. . .there are more!) 


Take Your Stress Down a Notch NOW: 2 Golden Keys


No matter what you are feeling . . . there IS hope.

No matter what you are experiencing . . . you are NOT alone.


My passion is to support you in your unique journey . . . to help you create the life that you desire, both

personally & professionally, the life that lights you up and makes your heart sing.


You can move past your current challenges and on to new things, things that resonate with you and just feel right.

You can gain the clarity and confidence you need to release those pesky doubts and fears.

As you switch gears and tap into your greater self, the part of you that knows the way forward, the part of you knows your highest potential, the future that lights up your heart . . . your big picture will come into focus . . . and that mountain you thought was insurmountable will look more like a foothill and feel doable, one step at a time.

The truth is . . . when you have all of this on board . . . you will succeed . . . you will enjoy the fruits of your labor and the journey up the mountain . . . as much as you appreciate the view from its highest peaks.

So now what?

This is where I come along side of you, and together we make things happen. Using my professional expertise, experience and knowledge, following my own inner guidance system and helping you tune into yours, you can get to where you need to go.

Connect with me and let's start a conversation. Your first thirty minute conversation is free – no strings attached. And, if you want more, I’ll give you $50 off your first paid session.

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.  Winston Churchill


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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
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He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity."