Friday, 23rd of March 2018

Friday, 23rd of March 2018


Are you frustrated by employee turnover?

Do you find it hard to find talented people who are committed to your company's success and growth?

Would you love to find a better way to hire the right people for your organization?




Hiring employees is one of the biggest challenges for businesses today.

Finding and hiring talent can be tough, especially if the options are confined to a small geographical area. But, talent and education are not enough, and may not even be your first consideration.

Here’s the key that many business men and women are missing: Does the prospective employee’s values and beliefs line up with those of your company? Does your WHY match their WHY? Are they excited about what you are creating and doing?  Are they interested and enthusiastic about being a part of your team because what it says about them? 

If their WHY matches yours, the likelihood that they will be the right fit for and help to increase your organization's bottom line is greatly increased.

Some of the most successful individuals in history accomplished amazing things because they surrounded themselves with people who were excited about their WHY.

Wilbur and Orville Wright’s passion to fly was so intense that they inspired the enthusiasm and commitment of a dedicated group in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. They had no connections, no government backing and no formal education.

At the same time, Samuel Pierpoint Langely set out to be the first man to pilot an airplane. He was a senior officer at the Smithsonian Institute, a mathematics professor who had worked for Harvard, had powerful friends like Andrew Carnegie and Alexander Graham Bell, was given a $50,000 grant from the War Department to fund his project (worth about $1.38 million today), gathered the best minds of the day and used the finest materials.

The press followed Langley everywhere. No one was interested in the Wright brothers.  What could owners of bicycle shop possibly do on a grand scale?

The Wright brothers succeeded where a better-equipped, better funded and better-educated team could not because they were able to inspire those around them and develop a technology that would change the world. The Wright brothers started with WHY.

Langley focused on WHAT he wanted to accomplish and HOW he was going to do it.  Langely was all about being remembered in history as being the first. When he wasn’t, he gave up and walked away.

Knowing your WHY.  Sharing your WHY. Living your WHY.  Allowing your WHY to permeate and inspire everything you say, think and do, will enable you to hire and retain the right people. 

When people work in a corporate culture that supports and helps them to do their best and make a difference, when people work for a company or organization that they believe in, that's priceless.   Such employees are likely to be more resilient in difficult times and more likely to stick around for the long-haul, so that the time, training and support you have invested in them pays off.

We are committed to helping you use your WHY to hire the right people.  We believe that being people-focused and vision focused is a fundamental key to your ongoing success.



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