Saturday, 25th of November 2017

Saturday, 25th of November 2017

Top Executives and Business Leaders who recently participated in change facilitation on listening shared:

“Frankly, I had never thought of listening as an important subject by itself. But now that I am aware of it, I think that perhaps 80% of my work depends on my listening to someone, or on someone else listening to me.”

“I’ve been thinking back about things that have gone wrong over the past couple of years, and I suddenly realized that many of the troubles have resulted from someone not hearing something, or getting it in a distorted way.”

“It’s interesting to me that we have considered so many facets of communication in the company, but have inadvertently overlooked listening. I’ve about decided that it’s the most important link in the company’s communications, and it’s obviously also the weakest one.”

Active listening is absolutely critical to creating a work environment in which employees are highly motivated, committed, fully-engaged and literally love to come to work.

Active listening is absolutely critical to creating a work environment in which top executive teams or company leaders work together in harmony and alignment with the vision of the organization, fully supporting one other in the attainment of organizational goals.

Active listening improves our leadership skills and gains the trust and respect of those working for and with us. Active listening gains the commitment and motivation of our colleagues, teams and staff to do and be their best. That’s priceless.

Listening for Success is designed to help take our listening and relationship skills to a more masterful level. It’s designed to help all participants become five-star communicators.

We will focus on

  • Active Listening
  • Being Genuinely Curious
  • Being Fully Present
  • Asking Empowering Questions
  • Designing Actions Together

Listening for Success is about developing our innate ability to listen and be fully present from a calm, centered space so that we can transform how we live, work and play.




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