Tuesday, 18th of December 2018

Tuesday, 18th of December 2018


Taking your communication, negotiation and relationship skills to the next level.


Listening for Success is about taking your communication, negotiation and relationship skills to the next level, acknowleding your strengths and weaknesses, using all that you learn about yourself and how you have been communicating to help you communicate, negotiate and relate with more understanding, clarity and compassion, with greater success. 

Listening for Success helps you to create an environment at work where everyone feels motivated and committed to do and be their best, to be innovative and creative, and to find new ways to give better service, deliver better products and increase your bottom line. 

People want to work for and with you because of the welcoming and supportive culture you help to create.


Deepen relationships and expand your client base.


Listening for Success helps you to expand your base of loyal, repeat clients and customers.

People want to do business with you because of what it says about them. 

Listening for Success helps you to cultivate and deepen relationships based on mutual trust, cooperation and respect, minimizing conflict, solving problems and harmonizing relationships.

People want to be around you because of how you actually listen to them, giving them your complete attention, and this builds bridges both at home AND at work.



Get the positive results you've been looking for.


Listening for Success gives you the opportunity to practice and play with transformational listening tools and skills, so that you can apply what you learn right away and start to get the positive results you have been looking for.





Kind Words


Arlene is an experienced attorney and negotiator who is able to facilitate the art of negotiating with anyone who wishes to understand their motivations and to let go of their old patterns of expectation and pushing to get what they feel is right or stopping what they feel is wrong and to practise being a heartfelt negotiator. Her negotiation classes assist people to negotiate in all aspects of their life and to become aware of how they can improve negotiating skills. She is really organised and funny and loves what she teaches. Lawyers and attorneys are often the brunt of disparaging jokes. Arlene paves the way for a new style of lawyering where these kinds of jokes will be redundant because she has such a big, compassionate heart and a sharp, keen mind. 

Patti McBain, Transgenesis School of Yoga, Perth, Australia



Since we began this course, I have had the serendipitous chance to negotiate in several completely different quarters in my life. In each case, I have held my own and been able to lift the proceedings. I have found that when steady in the core of the heart, everything is still. I am not at the mercy of a freaked or thrashing ego. There’s no need and therefore no disappointment. It’s beautifully win/ win for all. It’s a great if it is, great if it isn’t approach. I feel I can contribute effectively from both sides of the spectrum now. I used to be hazardously nervous and these days I feel so much more able and open, which of course leads to joy and even fun. I do still feel I need to be prepared; however, as one knows the material one works with, there's loads of space for 'creative' flow in the negotiating experience. I am grateful for this simple but profound realization. Thank you Arlene. And thank you course participants. I have enjoyed the whole experience.

Annei Errey, International Artist, Perth, Australia




Negotiating By Heart* gave me courage to keep stepping closer to my then dreams to live as an artist - as a visual artist, writer and musician. It stirred my soul and awakened something deep down which had been asleep for all the fake masks I had put on to entertain people for no other reason than to make them feel happy when deep down I was dying, and yet, I was so unconscious to this part of me that was dying. Bringing this part of me to life was a painful, necessary and wonderful transformation. Part of who I am today and the courage and hope I bring to life I owe to doing this course, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you Arlene and everything, all of life that assisted you to create the course and what assist you to continue to facilitate it. What a gift!

Faith Ransom, Visual Artist, Writer, Musician, Perth Western Australia



So now what?

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Arlene has a Martindale Hubbell AV Rating

"An AV Rating shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence."

"He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity."


Arlene is a Senior Tutor, Coach & Mentor with the Global Coaching Academy.









* The content of Listening for Success is very similar to my online Course Negotiating From the Heart.