Friday, 23rd of February 2018

Friday, 23rd of February 2018

Do you notice resistance to change needed to ensure growth and success?

Do you feel frustrated by conflict and maneuvering between leaders and teams?

Do you see that you want to create innovation and advancement, but get sameness and resistance?




Changeability is one of the most important characteristics in successful leaders and organizations today.

As Peter Senge pointed out, “Organizational change combines inner shifts in people’s values, aspirations, and behaviors with outer shifts in processes, strategies, practices, and systems.”

We can either change and grow or wither and die. That’s the bottom line that our clients are facing with more urgency and frequency in today’s economy.

Our change facilitation programs help you to identify opportunities to improve, overcome obstacles during the change journey and foster collective strategies to maximize the success of your change efforts.

We believe that everyone deserves to wake up inspired to go to work and come home, at the end of the day, feeling fulfilled by the work they do.

We feel that change facilitation is about team work -- a people-focused engagement that is about getting everyone on board and working together for the common good.

We give you the tools you need to address problems, issues and concerns in a way that is not about blame or finger pointing, but about how can we work together to turn things around?

Our goal is to make change facilitation a rewarding, exciting, fun experience for everyone involved.

Within any organization, change can meet with passive-aggressive and active resistance. At first, people may respond in a negative fashion, interpreting change as meaning more work and being forced to do something they don’t want to do.

Although change can feel stretchy and uncomfortable, we believe that when change facilitation is based upon the premise that everyone has something unique and worthwhile to contribute and then give everyone is given the opportunity to actively participate and be heard, something shifts.

When participants feel validated and understood and are given an active role in the process, feelings of being part of something greater than oneself take root and begin to grow. Change no longer feels like a battle and the spirit of let us figure this out together takes hold.

In the weeks following change facilitation, participants may have their ups and downs when it comes to moving forward with what was decided and agreed. We believe that the best practice is to work together with you to put mechanisms in place to support and rally around those people who need extra guidance, encouragement and support. It takes persistence, courage and determination to implement real, positive, forward moving change.

Obviously, there is no one size fits all when it comes to change facilitation. So, we will meet with key players at your organization or business in advance so that we understand your needs, goals and concerns from many perspectives.

Within this, we specialize in three change facilitation programs that we have found to be the most effective and transformational, namely:



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There is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution; every organization has its own history and character.

Change Facilitation needs to be engineered to fit your workplace, customers, staff and other stakeholders.

We will partner with you to design and deliver a program that fits your situation.

This will deliver maximum results from executive level to front line staff.


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