Thursday, 26th of April 2018

Thursday, 26th of April 2018

Do you have the ‘soft skills’ needed to survive and thrive in today’s market?

Do you notice contention, conflict or competition among your team member or colleagues at work?

Do you feel that it is negatively impacting performance, productivity and profitability?

Do you see that you want advancement, but that you are passed over?


Do you have the tools and skills to manage stress?

Do you feel worried or anxious about your professional success?

Do you want to be respected, listened to and understood, but get resistance or worse?

Do you notice that your talents, skills and abilities are being underutilized or ignored?



Today's market requires you to be a strong communicator and collaborator, to be empathetic and have strong trust-building skills, to be team-oriented and capable of multi-tasking, to resist stress and make sure that your subordinates do not burn out.

Our executive and leadership coaching and mentoring is designed to upgrade your ‘soft skills’ so that you can better meet the demands being placed upon you.

We can help you to communicate what you believe, create new opportunities and possibiliies, embody a sense of purpose that inspires those around you, command the loyalty and trust of others, surround yourself with talented, knowledgable people, and trust your gut and inner compass when making decisions.  We help you to attract clients or customers who believe what you believe, who trust you and are loyal to you, and who love to share what you do because of what it says about them.

We give you the tools to be more calm and centered, relaxed and self-assured no matter what is happening around you.  You can be a great leader without burning yourself out.  You can listen to your own gut knowing and still command the respect and confidence of those around you. Leaders who follow their own inner compass are often the most successful business leaders in the world. They have fanned the flame of that special something that we all have inside and shared it with others.

We can help you to resolve whatever is at the top of your in tray, whether it’s helping you to be calm, balanced and content regardless of what’s happening around you; or, taking your decision-making, communication and negotiation skills up to the next level; or, defining and implementing action plans or goals that are in alignment with who you are and how you want to present to the world; or, helping you to create a more cooperative and supportive environment between management, teams and divisions at work; or, helping you turn around employee engagement, retention, productivity and job satisfaction; or, helping you to vanquish stress and anxiety.

Our goal is to help you to do better work than you did last week and the week before, to make this month better than last month, and to feel more relaxed and content and enjoy of journey as you do.  Whatever you want to create, change or feel that's about bringing your best Self to the world and about being and feeling successful, we can help you to make that a reality now.

Specialized Coaching for Women Lawyers

Kind Words:

I found Arlene to be a compassionate, gentle and encouraging coach. She skillfully invited me to explore my emotions, and struck a lovely balance between questioning and giving me the freedom to flow when ideas were coming to me. I am thankful for her reflections and encouraging me to celebrate and acknowledge my progress. Ultimately I feel confident about the professional decisions made whilst we were working together and I am committed to continuing the bold steps to make it a reality.

Angela Armstrong, PCC, BSc, PhD, MBA, Leadership Coach, England


Arlene brings a loving ability to move me to core issues and then helps open strategy paths in my projects. Sometimes, as a leader, I am so involved in the day-to-day or even my vision or organisations vision. Arlene can see that too, yet she sees higher clearer practical paths forward and it makes things seem simple to improve again. I feel invigoration stream through my projects ( both business and charity) after a session with Arlene. I really recommend her as a personal, business and professional coach-- she has an ability to wrap and weave those into one session too! 

Patti McBain, Founder, Transgenesis School of Yoga and Meditation, Perth, Australia


Arlene brings a rich skillset to all she does. I had the privilege to work with Arlene strengthening the leadership of a NonForProfit. Arlene supported us to focus on our valves and how to best achieve them. Arlene brings a clarity of vision and a wealth of experience combined with a loving heart that promotes the best outcome for all with sound practical applications. I highly recommend Arlene as a coach, mentor and consultant. 

Julie Skinner, RN, PCC, Author "Nursing by Heart", Clinical Supervisor, Mentor, Facilitator, Director CoreTrue


I love working with Arlene. She has an ability to work deeply to the heart of any matter and assist people to find their own solutions first, while also having a tool box of useful resources.

Arlene has a strong ethical approach, a solid grounding in coaching and mentoring and a desire to help her clients flourish.

I've worked with Arlene for many years now. She is a popular part of my team which handles my coaches and mentors who come from all levels of life - from moms and dads, creative individuals right up to top level executives and she has the ability to adapt to their needs and style of working producing insights and many 'ah hah' moments.

I am grateful to have Arlene working with us in a consulting, tutoring, mentoring and coaching capacity. My only wish is that she was also an attorney in Australia so we could use those services here!

Belinda Baillie, PCC, Founder, Global Coaching Academy, Training for out of the ordinary coaches, mentors and interpersonal facilitators



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There is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Every leader, division and team, and every organization has its own history and character.

Every executive or leader has unique gifts, talents and abilities to meet current concerns, needs and goals.

Executive & Leadership Coaching needs to be engineered to fit your workplace, customers, staff and other stakeholders.

We will partner with you to design and deliver a program that fits your situation and delivers maximum results.



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