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Sacred Gems are FREE mini-courses designed to help you relate with self and others from the heart.

I hope you enjoy the insights, techniques and tools that will be shared with you.

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One of the keys to success is being your own inner coach. 

Many people are their own worst enemy. They abuse themselves with negative thoughts, feelings and deeds. 

When we support and nourish our selves with compassion, understanding, patience and respect, miracles can happen.

This Sacred Gem is an inspirational introduction to being our own best friend by supporting our selves positively.

Correct Breathing can change our body chemistry.  It can relax and refresh us, helping us feel optimistic and able to handle whatever life presents. 

Incorrect breathing can lead to 'fight or flight' mode, where we feel anxious, frustrated or even depressed.

This Sacred Gem is an introduction to two breathing techniques that can help us experience life with more grace, ease and flow.

Meditation is a great way to relax and unwind. It helps us to compassionately relate with our selves and others, turning conflict into harmony and joy.

It’s easy to focus on everything we 'have to do' and feel overworked and overwhelmed.  Meditation can help us turn that around.

This Sacred Gem is an introduction to the amazing benefits of meditation with practical, easy-to-follow instruction.

Laughter can be incredibly healing.  It helps us relate with our selves and others with optimism, courage, hope and joy.

This Sacred Gem is an introduction to benefits of laughter.  We can lighten up, not take our selves so seriously and experience more fun in our lives.